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5 Of The Best Saltwater Test Kit: A Complete Review

Saltwater test kits are crucial for maintaining and measuring your water parameters correctly. But, a lot of people become so overwhelmed when choosing the right one for their tank water. Luckily, you can pick from our selection of the best saltwater test kit. That way, you can perform an easier and more convenient routine check […]

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10 Of The Best Plants For Betta Aquariums!

Plants are essential for betta tanks, one way or another. Aside from the fact that they make your aquarium look good, they can also benefit your pet fish as well. Specifically, they can make the water more habitable for the betta. However, you should know that you cannot put any plants in your aquarium. In […]

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What Eats Algae? The Best Algivores For Aquariums

Algae is responsible for over half of the oxygen in our atmosphere. That’s right, a lot of the air we breathe comes from the biological processes of algae. Additionally, their diversity and distribution play a significant role in many natural ecosystems. Undoubtedly, these organisms are vital for life, especially for aquatic inhabitants. However, in the […]

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How To Select The Best Aquarium Heater: A Beginners Fool-Proof Guide

Fishes are cold blooded animals. Thus, they cannot regulate their body temperatures as efficiently as mammals do. The body temperature of fish is mostly affected by the temperature of the environment. The inability of the fish to regulate their body temperature makes them highly sensitive to changes in the temperature of the water. Even slight […]

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5 Of The Best Filter Media For Your Aquarium

Aquariums should be pretty to look at, so the water should be clean and bright. The plants and fish should also look vibrant and lovely. Along with the filter, the filter media plays a huge role in keeping the water clean and the inhabitants healthy. Before you choose from our top choices of best filter […]

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