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5 Of The Best Betta Fish Tanks On 2017

It is undeniable that a betta is a beautiful fish variety. It exhibits a vibrant color while showing off its exquisitely carved fins.

However, we all know that this water creature is quite picky, too. This is the reason that you need the best betta fish tank if you want to adapt one.

Specifically, a betta fish is intolerant with other fish. If you let it swim with other creatures, it will easily get irritated. Therefore, it is ideal that you keep this guy in a separate container.

Despite the popular belief, you cannot just settle with an ordinary fish tank if you want to take a betta fish. In this article, we will show some of the ideal choices for a betta aquarium. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

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The 5 Of The Best Turtle Filters On The Market Today

Turtles are messy pet. Every aquarium hobbyists know that. That's why if you are planning to adopt this shelled creature, you need to have the best turtle filter.

Through this device, you will be able to maintain the cleanliness of the tank, despite the ruckus that the turtle can create.

Specifically, turtles tend to waste more than fish. We don't want to be that specific, or else, this article would become repulsive.

Of course, you don't want to clean these rubbish manually, unless you are diligent (and brave). But for the sake of innovation and convenience, you should use turtle filters.

There is a huge difference between turtle filters and conventional water filtration systems. One of this is the huge number of filtration media that a turtle filter has. It has to be many. Otherwise, it wouldn't be able to handle the mess.

You can see a lot of turtle filters on the market today. But there are few names out there that are truly exceptional. Do you want to know them? Then you should read on!

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A Guide To The Best Aquarium Sand In The Market

One big decision you have to make when you set up an aquarium is deciding on the substrate. There's gravel, sand, marbles, pebbles, and other substrates, but this article will focus on sand.

We'll talk about the benefits of sand and the different kinds of sand that you can choose from. Then, we will show you our top picks of the best aquarium sand in the market.

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10 Of The Best Goldfish Food In 2017

It is easy to adopt goldfish as your new house pets. However, the biggest problem that comes to this is the food that you will give them. Of course, on the back of your mind, you just want to feed them with the best goldfish food.

Apparently, searching for quality fish food (that is compatible to your goldfish) is not that easy. In fact, there are a lot of horrendous products out there that would ruin the appetite of your aquarium friends.

Sometimes, a wrong choice could let the death of your pets. Therefore, if you love them, you would give them food that would satisfy their daily nutritional requirements.

So what are your best choices? Well, you don't need to go anywhere to find the answers. We got all you covered. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

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How To Find The Best Aquarium Thermometer

Maintaining the temperature of your aquarium is essential for the life of your fish or other water creature. Some fish thrive in cool water, while others (like tropical fish) thrive in warm water.

If you want to monitor the water temperature in your fish tank, then you need the best aquarium thermometer. With the many options available, you need to know the basics to help you get you get the right one.

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What Is The Best Substrate For Planted Aquarium?

Setting up a planted aquarium requires you to choose the best substrate that promotes plant growth and health. Substrate refers to the material (sand, pebbles, gravel, etc.) that is at the bottom part of your tank.

They’re not as easy to change as the other stuff in the aquarium, so you might want to think it through carefully. The best substrate for planted aquariums supports the root system and provides the essential nutrients for the plant.

They also keep the tank clean by keeping bacteria away and the fish poop at the bottom of the tank.

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10 Of The Best Aquarium Air Pumps In 2017

There are a lot of accessories that your aquarium requires. Aside from the filtration system, you also need to install the best aquarium air pump to it. In this way, you can guarantee that your marine ecosystem has enough oxygen circulation.

Some people think that this device is just an optional tool. Well, we have to agree on it at some point.

However, having an air pump makes your aquarium more conducive. If you are maintaining commercial fish tanks, then this machine is highly necessary.

You can see a lot of air pump on the market today. But of course, we all know that only a few of them can make you happy.

The rest would leave you disappointed because of their noisy and shabby performance. Because of this reason, we listed some of the top-rated options you can have with an air pump. Read on!

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