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How To Fillet Trout Like A Professional Cook

There are a few fillet methods you can choose from, but the simplest way on how to fillet trout is straightforward. As trout belongs to the light-flavored fish type, the way to clean, gut, and fillet it is not similar to a pike or a walleye. By learning the correct technique, you’ll be able to […]

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How to Catch Catfish in Lakes Using 3 Easy Ways

Catfish fishing in lakes brings out fun and excitement. Plus, it is such a reward to catch some huge ones. A wide variety of catfish that live in lakes includes blue cats, flatheads, channel cats, and bullheads. All of these fishes are great to eat, and they are all fun to catch. Some people prefer […]

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How to Catch Mullet in 5 Easy Ways

A lot of people are getting hooked with catching mullet. For some, they love to make a dish out of it. But for some, they use them as baits. However, one thing is sure; everyone wants the thrill they get when chasing a big mullet. Whatever their reasons of catching mullet are, it is already […]

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How To Properly Cast Your Fishing Rod

Without a doubt fishing is one of the most popular pastimes you will find anywhere in the world. It is a challenging yet relaxing sport to say the least. I myself find it one of the best ways to take my mind of my problems and relieve my stresses; this holds true even if I […]

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What Is The Best Fish Finder?

The Importance Of Having A Good Fish Finder On Your BoatFishing is an amazing pastime to say the least. If you are like most people who fish you find it to be fun, challenging, relaxing and a great way to bond with family and friends. It also is a sport that takes skill, technique and […]

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The Complete Foolproof Guide On How To Catch Carp

Fishing for carp has regained popularity in recent years. These freshwater fish are large and native to Asia and Europe. Several types of carp are more prominent than others. These include black carp, grass carp, crucian carp, silver carp, and more.There are certain things that you are going to have to keep in mind while […]

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What Is The Best Time To Go Fishing?

When it comes to fishing, you can have the right equipment, the best fishing spots, but if not done at the ideal time and circumstances, chances are, you might be leaving the fishing grounds empty handed. Every fisher has their favorite fishing hours and through experience, has learned a thing or two about the most […]

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