7 Of The Best Nano Skimmers In 2017

If you are updated with the current innovations in aquariums, then you are probably familiar with nano tanks.

Specifically, these containers can accommodate water of up to 40 gallons. Because of its compact size and portability, it is the perfect choice for households that have limited space.

But of course, a nano aquarium still requires regular cleaning. That's why you need the best nano skimmers to do this job for you. After all, your marine friends deserve a clean environment to live.

There are a lot of nano skimmers on the market today. However, only a few of them are reasonably worthy of your attention. In this article, we listed the most viable options you have for this product. Read on!

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How To Plant Aquarium Plants Made Fun and Easy

Freshwater aquarium planted plants are natural and unique on their own. In fact, planted tanks come with selected marine fishes and plants to imitate the marine environment.

That’s why a lot of fish owners are getting hooked with growing plants in their tanks. But, a lot of people don’t have the knowledge to set up these aquatic plants. So, in here, we are going to reveal some easy and efficient ways on how to plant aquarium plants.

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How To Clean A Used Fish Tank Efficiently And Safely With These Steps

If you want to keep your fish healthy and happy, you should clean your used tank and add new water once every week. Cleaning an aquarium doesn’t require much time and effort.

If you do it right on time, the algae and other dirt will not build up quickly. But, how will you do it without any knowledge and experience? Luckily, we have come up with steps on how to clean a used fish tank.

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What Do Snails Eat? You’ll Be Surprised At How Simple It Is!

Snails can provide an interesting twist, both in color and diversity to any aquarium. These little critters will add spice and a new sense of adventure especially if the excitement you once felt about new fish, live rock, or aquascape is starting to wane.

Moreover, like the fish and the other aquatic organisms that went before it, snails will ask you a specific way of nurturing and diet. You’ll face such questions as “what do snails eat?” or “what type of snails will be suitable for my aquarium?”

Also, with the addition of snails to your freshwater or marine tank, you’ll need to reach a delicate balance so that your snails will thrive, but that they also do not reproduce to profusion.

Fortunately, their diet will address many of these concerns. The burning question then is:

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What Do Freshwater Shrimps Eat? Find Out The Best Food!

The fact that there are hundreds of species of freshwater shrimps out there may seem a daunting task for the aquarist who plans to add one or several of these aquatic crustaceans to their enclosed reefs.

Many would then rightly wonder how they’ll take care of these various invertebrates, most notably the diets will be ideal for healthy freshwater shrimps.

You might also be wondering: “what do freshwater shrimps eat?” Apparently, it’s a relatively simple question with a not-so-simple answer.

In this article, we’ll see how it can be quite simple to feed your shrimp pets but also how in depth their diets can be with the right background on their species.

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How To Make An Air Pump For Your Aquarium

Air pumps are tools that help your fish tank become more of a suitable environment for your fish. Often, you’ll need your air pump especially if you have an aquarium with a filter that requires this device.

The good news here is that today, you can learn how to make an air pump at home without purchasing one. Not only is this a creative idea, but it’s also a good practice for your wallet!

What’s the purpose of an Air Tank?

With the name itself, air pumps work by aerating your aquarium. It helps move air which helps provide a safer and healthier ecosystem in the aquarium. Usually, you’ll see aquariums have pebbles and other movable objects in it.

This is because adding such items will help the air pump do more of its job. A moving object inside the aquarium means that there will be more air movement inside.

At the same time, an air pump protects the areas of your aquarium that are hard to reach from these objects.

Remember, the general rule here is that if you have a small and simple fish tank, you won’t need an air pump, but if you have a larger and more complex one, you’ll be needing it;

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