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How To Acclimate Fish In 3 Easy Ways

When you want to learn how to acclimate fish to a new environment, you have to make sure that you don’t shock it. Then, ensure that the move to a new bowl or aquarium would be smooth for the fish to adapt faster than expected. If you do this in a wrong manner, the transition […]

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How To Make Fish Food In The Comforts Of Home

Feeding fish regularly often becomes a perfunctory routine where we don’t fixate as much on the fish food or flakes we give our marine pets. Additionally, due to the mass commercialization of fish food, we hardly wonder about alternatives to the type of meals we feed the aqua critters. Beyond survival, the right food and […]

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How To Cycle A Saltwater Aquarium: Here Are The 4 Best Methods

Starting your very first saltwater aquarium can be an exciting time. However, whether you’re a beginner starting up a new tank or an experienced reef hobbyist, know that it takes more than just dumping several gallons of saltwater into a glass container. You may have heard experts or other hobbyists suggest cycling an aquarium. But, […]

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How To Cure Live Rock For A Healthy Aquarium

Although it may not look (or smell) like it, most Live Rock must go through the course of curing to ensure the health and safety of the marine life in our aquarium. Curing, or lack thereof, will be detrimental to the optimum water conditions in your tank.So, for us to find the out the correct […]

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