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How To Change Betta Fish Water In 3 Simple Ways

High nitrate and ammonia levels brought by waste materials are not evident to the naked eye. But, they may cause serious stress in your betta.

To keep the water in your tank clean and healthy, the most crucial thing you have to provide is long-term happiness and health.

If you keep the aquarium of your betta fish unfiltered, then you may change up to 50 percent of the water each week. You need to keep in mind that the smaller the tank is, the more water you have to replace.

If your betta has a filtered bowl, then you can change only around 20 percent of the water every week.

How To Care For Betta Fish Using These 5 Ways

Betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, is a popular pet known for their aggressiveness. Furthermore, it is famous for its affordability, maintenance, and interactivity.

Betta fish can also serve as your best friend for at least four years. But, to make sure that your new buddy stays healthy, you need to follow these steps on how to care for betta fish.

How To Clean Aquarium Plants Effectively And Safely

Some aquarium owners put off cleaning their tank décor until algae had all but engulfed them. It’s not all that surprising with the busy schedules we all have that we may neglect the cleaning and maintenance required for a clean aquarium. Besides, your tank’s filter can only do so much.

However, cleaning your aquarium plants need not be a troublesome task. Read on for the safe and effective methods on how to clean aquarium plants. These tips and steps will also be perfect for when you’re performing your regular water change!

The Two Proven Methods On How To Acclimate Saltwater Fish

On Moving and Acclimation

The conditions of moving fish and other aquatic life and marine critters from one place to another is very similar to transporting works of art.

Artwork, for instance, requires special handling since even the lightest of blows my cause severe and permanent damage.

In fact, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City spends over a million dollars yearly transporting artwork, the bulk of which goes to making sure the art is safe and risk-free.

The same can be said of bringing home saltwater fish from a local fish store or online seller. Otherwise, you might also cause severe and fatal damage to your investment on the living artwork that is marine life.

In fact, just the act of taking home fish from your local fish store, which may be just minutes away, creates a lot of stress for the critters.

Therefore, we’ve listed two proven methods for you to correctly, and safely acclimate saltwater fish.

Aquarium Maintenance: How To Clean Algae From Fish Tank

Algae will keep your tank looking natural. Moreover, they are excellent food sources for fishes. So, your goal should not get rid of all the algae.

Instead, you should manage their growth to keep the population of the algae under control. So, the question is: how to clean algae from fish tank? Let’s find out here.