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How To Keep Minnows Alive For Long Periods

One of the most excellent baits you can use for fishing is a live minnow. You need to keep your minnow alive since its movements attract more fish. But, they can be somewhat challenging to use. You should keep your minnows alive for a long time so that you could use them as baits. Moreover, […]

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How To Catch Fiddler Crabs In Four Perfect Ways

Fiddler crabs are tiny crabs that you can often see close to the waterline of sandy beaches. You may also observe them in the soft parts of the brackish waters. They can grow not bigger than 3 inches. You can identify the male species from the females. Male fiddlers usually have large claws. These are […]

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How To Cast Farther Like A Pro

Casting further is a very vital aspect when your goal is to hunt more fishes. When you use longer casts, they will let you stay farther away from your target. Also, it will lessen your chance of scaring the fishes. Longer casts will allow specific baits such as crankbaits to submerge deeper and move better.Even […]

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How To Put A Line On A Spinning Reel

Learning how to put a line on a spinning reel is essential for every angler. Before you can discover various fishing techniques, you should be able to master how to spool a fishing reel. In this way, you can guarantee that the line is properly positioned on the reel. This is important, as it will […]

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What Do Catfish Like To Eat: 4 Proven Baits

Learning how to catch catfish always begin with getting the right bait. Knowing what do catfish like to eat will save you from being empty handed at the end of the day. Any game fish will need a variety of lure shapes, movements, and sizes. You have to remember that a bait should be appealing […]

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How To Catch Perch: 19 Of The Best Techniques And Tips

Fishing perch is a job that can be handled by both amateur and expert anglers. As long as you know how to catch perch properly, then you can always have a full catch.The perch is a generic name given to a variety of fish species. Such of these are the Balkhash perch (Perca schrenkii), Yellow […]

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