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How To Build A Crawfish Trap: A Step-by-Step Guide

You can never catch a crawfish without a specialized trap. You dont also have to catch this critter with your bare hands! Therefore, you should know how to build a crawfish trap by yourself!

There are several things you have to know about crawfish. First, they live on lakes, ponds, and rivers. Therefore, finding them is quite easy. Second, these fishes are a great source of protein. If you are stuck in an emergency situation, a crawfish meal can give your body the boost it needs!

However, you need to catch a lot of these fishes to sustain the necessary nutrients of your body. Because of this reason, you will need to craft your crawfish trap!

Honestly, there are a lot of crawfish traps you can buy at different outdoor stores. However, why spend when you can make one for yourself? Are you a member of the weekend warriors? If you are, then you should love this tutorial about DIY crawfish traps. You can build a trap that is as good as those sold in the market today! The best part of making your crawfish trap is that it saves you a lot of money!

So what are we waiting for? Let us start this crawfish trap tutorial right now!

How to Hook a Shrimp Like a Pro

Alive or dead, frozen or fresh, shrimps are excellent baits for fishing. In fact, you can catch a variety of fishes when you use this crustacean as bait. You can catch bonefish, black drum, flounder, grouper, jack fish, redfish, pompano, sea trout, snook, tarpon, and much more.

But, the question here is how to hook a shrimp like a pro? Having a poorly rigged shrimp or having this crustacean hooked in a wrong way can be such a pain in the butt. Plus, it can affect how you land and catch the fish. However, there are a lot of ways to hook a shrimp like a professional fisher. It does not matter whether you want to rig these shrimp dead or alive.

How to Euthanize a Fish in 2 Humanely Ways

There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing your beloved pet, especially if you tried to take care of it. When your fish is sick, you would even try to consult a veterinarian to cure it. However, is euthanasia rightful when your fish is in distress and is dying?

If you know that your fish is in so much pain and is gradually getting weak, you may consider euthanizing it. In this case, you have to realize that euthanasia is the only option left for your fish. A lot of people do not resort to euthanasia.

Some would rather want to see their fish suffer and die in the usual course. You may choose this routine, or you can go with speeding the process for your fish’ sake. You should consider the condition of the fish before deciding on your next actions. So, read on to find out the two primary ways on how to euthanize a fish.

How To Fillet Trout Like A Professional Cook

There are a few fillet methods you can choose from, but the simplest way on how to fillet trout is straightforward. As trout belongs to the light-flavored fish type, the way to clean, gut, and fillet it is not similar to a pike or a walleye. By learning the correct technique, you’ll be able to cut and divide different parts for future use. Hope the following instructions will encourage you to purchase a whole trout and fillet it by yourself at home.

How to Catch Catfish in Lakes Using 3 Easy Ways

Catfish fishing in lakes brings out fun and excitement. Plus, it is such a reward to catch some huge ones. A wide variety of catfish that live in lakes includes blue cats, flatheads, channel cats, and bullheads. All of these fishes are great to eat, and they are all fun to catch. Some people prefer smaller types of catfish for different dishes. Some other kinds of catfish are hard to eat.

However, if you want a catfish variety that could go well in any meals, you may choose the flatheads. They feed underneath the lakes, and they typically go deeper in the water. And as they feed, they go to the shallow parts of the water, specifically at night time. Plus, what is even better is that you can find catfish all over the lakes of the United States.

So, read on to learn the steps on how to catch catfish in lakes. These will make sure that you won’t leave your boat empty handed.

How to Catch Mullet in 5 Easy Ways

A lot of people are getting hooked with catching mullet. For some, they love to make a dish out of it. But for some, they use them as baits. However, one thing is sure; everyone wants the thrill they get when chasing a big mullet. Whatever their reasons of catching mullet are, it is already becoming more and more popular. It is also a fun activity for both adults and children. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a huge mullet out of the water when you catch one!

You can easily find mullets in salt and fresh water. However, you often undertake them as mere scavengers. It is somewhat true that they often stay around docks, fishing boats, and everywhere with a great food source. What you do not know is that they are quite aggressive when you try to catch them. Fortunately, we are going to cover how to catch mullet in 5 easy ways.

How To Properly Cast Your Fishing Rod

Without a doubt fishing is one of the most popular pastimes you will find anywhere in the world. It is a challenging yet relaxing sport to say the least. I myself find it one of the best ways to take my mind of my problems and relieve my stresses; this holds true even if I don’t catch any fish on a particular day. With that being said, my main goal when doing it is still to get the thrill of landing a big fish but you will never catch fix consistently if you don’t know how to cast a fishing rod.

Why is properly casting your fishing pole so important? It’s all about attracting fish to your line. Simply put, if you don’t cast your bait or lure into the right area of the water you are most likely not going to attract and catch any fish. That is why I am going to explain to you the best way to cast your fishing rod and increase your chances of landing more fish on a regular basis.