How to Catch Mullet in 5 Easy Ways

December 1, 2016

A lot of people are getting hooked with catching mullet. For some, they love to make a dish out of it. But for some, they use them as baits. However, one thing is sure; everyone wants the thrill they get when chasing a big mullet. Whatever their reasons of catching mullet are, it is already becoming more and more popular. It is also a fun activity for both adults and children. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a huge mullet out of the water when you catch one!

You can easily find mullets in salt and fresh water. However, you often undertake them as mere scavengers. It is somewhat true that they often stay around docks, fishing boats, and everywhere with a great food source. What you do not know is that they are quite aggressive when you try to catch them. Fortunately, we are going to cover how to catch mullet in 5 easy ways.


Mullet fishing has now become a favorite activity for a lot of people. There are two primary reasons why mullet fishing has become a fascination for many. The first reason is that mullet has become very abundant in different forms of water. In fact, you can spot some the black mullet in the Atlantic seaboard during summer months. They usually head there to grow and to beef up. They usually go after algae in the waters. Thus, you will most likely catch a mullet near these areas. The second reason why mullet fishing has grown famous is the method of fishing them. There are a lot of styles of catching mullet.

Easy Ways to Catch a Mullet

Method 1: Using Processed Food as a Bait

What you do not probably know is that mullet also wants to consume what people love to eat. They also like to eat processed foods. Thus, you can plan your bait method as simple and as convenient as possible.

You may utilize the Tru-Turn hook and a monofilament for this process. Then, put the tiny bits of sausages, hot dogs, bread, and cheese on the hook. Plus, you may also opt to use some leftovers you have for dinner. The leftovers will serve as an excellent bait for mullet. However, you need to make sure that the bait is small enough for the mullet’s mouth.

Method 2: Utilizing Natural Baits

Another efficient way to catch mullet is going the natural process. You see, mullet love to wander around the water plants to search for tiny larvae and insects. Thus, you may use some worms, maggots, and larvae as baits.

Also, you must trim down the size of the hook, so it will not overshadow the natural bait. The tiny worms and other small insects will also work as baits. Also, please ensure of their small sizes to fit the mullet’s mouth.

Method 3: Chumming the Water

A mullet gets too attracted to some spots where food and other fishes go into the water. Thus, you may use this skill to make a bait or chum the water to prepare the water for fishing. Then, you may put some small pieces of bread or food in a mesh bag.

You may opt for stockings, detergent release bag, or a fine mesh to store a small amount of food in the salt or fresh water. Next, you may choose to tie a small portion of the bag using a cord. Place it a few feet into the water from where you want to fish. You have to repeat these steps for up to 3 days to gather the mullet in the same spot.

Also, you may opt for a homemade oatmeal chum in the water. You have to take note that using a standard line and hook may be quite challenging. So, to increase your chance of catching mullet, you need to chum the water.

But, do not worry since you can still use the line and hook. The chum bait will draw some mullet, and they will start feeding in the same area.

Then, you have to make sure that the tackle is appropriate. You have to use a medium-sized rod with a spin cast reel. You must also make sure that the line is not heavier than 10 pounds. Then, you can connect the hooks as you space them 10 inches apart. Also, you may add some floating marker or cork for the depth.

Next, you have to prepare the chum bait. You have to prep the water and put some laying mash or oatmeal in it. Then, you have to combine an amount of paste or cereal in the small-sized tub.

Put an equal amount of water to get the right consistency to have a dough. You do not need a mixture that is too liquid or too thick. Because such mixture may dissolve too fast or slow. Some may also just sink at the bottom of the water.

If you prepare it too thinly, it will just drift away so easily. So, ideally, you have to break it up quickly, and it should dissolve gently to gather the mullets. Then, you have to throw the bait and cast.

Once you have selected a great spot to assemble the mullets, it is now time to throw the bait into the water. When it begins to soften, you need the cast to position into the chum.

Method 4: Mullet Fishing Using a Cast Net

Cast nets are also ideal when it comes to catching mullet. However, when you use a cast net when catching mullet, you may just find the small mullets used as baits. But, they are fun and efficient to use. You see, a mullet does not bite in a usual way which fishes gnaw the hook. Thus, you may use a different approach to catch this type of fish.

A way you could catch a mullet involves finding them in the areas where they usually draw together. When they assemble, you have to send them into a feeding agitation by chumming the water. You may use some mash since it liquefies quickly, making the mullet seek for something to bite.

So, what you have to prepare is the cast net. Mullets usually gather along with large schools. They also often appear near the surface of the water. Thus, people often use cast nets to catch these fishes. Plus, this is also a more straightforward way than using a line and hook.

However, mullets can easily spot the cast net when you set it up. But, before you assemble the cast net, you have to check for your local fishing policies. Assess if you can use the mesh size when fishing mullets in the region.

Before you go to the fishing areas, you may start practicing casting the net at your home. Make sure that you already know how to handle a cast net properly. An ideal way to practice is to assemble the cast net in a target in your backyard. You may use a ball or a tire as the target.

Then, what you need to do is to search for a good spot to cast. You have to find the area where these fishes usually assemble. So, your net can easily reach them. You may find mullets gathering close to the piers, seawalls, streams, and canals.

Next, you have to look for the mullets in the water. They usually gather in large schools, and they are active in water. Thus, it means that if you spot them near you, you can easily catch them. You may be shocked to see them breaking into the surface of the water.

This time, you have to cast your net. As you spot these fishes, make sure that your cast net is ready. You may enclose the end of the rope around your wrist.

Then, allow the other parts of the line loosely wrapped around your arm. Then, let the cast net hang down to your side and allow the weights to drop at the bottom.

Lastly, you have to retrieve the cast net. As the net starts to sink in the water, you can now trap the surrounding mullets. What you need to do is to apply tension into the rope.

Then, let the net drop into the water. When you feel that it finally hits the bottom of the water, allow the string to draw down. When this happens, try to pull it back on the surface of the water.

Method 5: Catching the Mullet with the Use of a Line and Hook

What you have to prepare when using a hook and line in catching a mullet is a hook tied 10 inches along the line. Also, you must connect the sinkers close to the bottom of the hook.

Firstly, you have to look for a spot where these fishes usually gather. Where you’ll find the mullets depend on your area and the type of fish you want to catch. However, you can usually find them in rivers, canals, estuaries, and harbors.

They are also near the surface of the water. Plus, you need to remember that they often assemble in big schools during high tides.

Then, you have to prepare your tackle and go after the mullets. Make sure that you obtain a light rod. Also, you need to have a click-drag reel. It may also help you prepare a long leader with 6- pound strength. Plus, you need to have a fine diameter line.

You must also remember that preparing the bait may become tricky at times. Take note that not all traps are the same. There are some discouraged and suggested types depending on the kind of fishing you want. Thus, you need to select the type of bait you have to choose. You may have picked the dough or bread, ragworm, and the peeled prawn.

Also, you may consider utilizing a fly. When you use a fly, this is an excellent approach to catching these mullets. It is an ideal plan to find them as they gather in big schools. Then, you have to toss pieces of bread or oatmeal in the surface of the water. You have to cast in front of the fishes when they try to feed.

As you stagger the mullets, make sure that you catch them carefully. You have to know that even though they are quite small, they usually fight on the hook. Also, you need to make sure not to pull the fly prematurely. You may also use a net for the last catch.


Mullets are usually abundant in the water during summer. They often assemble near the harbors, rivers, docks, and estuaries. You can see them in hundreds or thousands as they move around and eat tiny organisms.

Their favorite food source is the algae in the water surface or harbor walls. Plus, what’s even better is that they can tolerate both salt and fresh water. They usually migrate for miles to look for tasty treats in the water.

Often, people also underestimate mullets because of their small size. They are also often overlooked because they are scavengers. However, you do not have to put these little fishes down. Why? It is because these fishes usually fight back when you bring them in hooks and nets.

Mullets often gather in huge schools near the docking station, boats, and anywhere where there are excellent food sources. Thus, they are typically easy to spot, but they are hard to catch because they are very active. Plus, they assemble in large numbers. However, they are quite challenging and fun to find. What you must do first is to prepare the water. Then, it is a significant step for you to proceed with the right method of catching the mullet.

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