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Hello, fishing world! My name is Bella. Yes, you got me right, I am a woman! But, I am a woman not only fond of cooking and shopping. I am a woman who shows interest in everything that covers topics regarding fishing. Don’t get me wrong! I believe that the world of fishing is not exclusively for men! In fact, I, myself enjoy fishing. That’s why I created this website.
In fact, my fishing adventure started because of some fisher-folks in our town. I remembered that my first catch was a minnow. You see, I am not a committed fisherman. I still lack some skills, inclination, and the patience to become an expert fisher. However, I significantly consider fishing as a part of my daily life. That’s why I grew passionate in discussing anything and everything that talks about fishing.
From the deck house where I grew up, I can vividly remember how the village men rode their fishing boats and sailed during the sunrise. At sunset, they returned carrying their buckets full of different kinds of fishes. Also, I can recall those times that they went fishing even during late at night. As I grew up, I got used to these scenarios in our town. That’s why my fascination with fishing progressed over time.
With that, it inspired me even more to create a website designed to call out men and women to finally learn more about fishing. Through this site, you can also finally give your voice through advice and suggestions about catching fishes and the skills required for the activity. So, whether you are a pro fisher or a beginner, you do not have to panic when you are planning your fishing trip. The website will also serve as a place you can share a picture of your fishing trip and your fishing stories. Also, you may find some fishing tips through the articles provided on the website.
That way, you can finally call a place your own. The website will also serve as a corner where you can continually develop your fondness and passion when it comes to fishing!