How To Catch Perch: 19 Of The Best Techniques And Tips

December 11, 2016

Fishing perch is a job that can be handled by both amateur and expert anglers. As long as you know how to catch perch properly, then you can always have a full catch.

The perch is a generic name given to a variety of fish species. Such of these are the Balkhash perch (Perca schrenkii), Yellow perch (Perca flavescens), and the European perch (Perca fluviatilis). All of them are freshwater fish. They are carnivorous in nature. Usually, you can find them on streams, lakes, and rivers. They love to eat crayfish and some aquatic insects.

The best months to catch perch are November and December. Perch double their activeness when the temperature is frigid. Therefore, you can see a lot of these species during the span of cold seasons. Also, perch usually go by schools. They tend to be active at dusk and dawn because these are their feeding time.

It is quite difficult to identify the reasons why perch are popular to many anglers. However, we guarantee that catching these fish is worth it. They can serve as your practice targets when you are honing your fishing skills. They can also make a good meal, too, for outdoor purposes!

You can increase your probability of catching these fish by following these simple techniques. Take note: these are tested-and-proven methods! Go check them out!


How To Catch Perch: Techniques, Tricks, And Tips

1. Use The Correct Artificial Lures

You can catch perch by using artificial lures. They are truly effective. However, you have to choose the right variety. Or else, you will just be wasting your time for nothing. We recommend that you should use lightweight jigs and poppers for this.

2. Getting The Best Live Bait

If artificial lures are effective, then you should expect more from live baits. The methods of fishing perch have constantly been changing. However, the appetite of these species remained to be constant. Specifically, live bait is better than an artificial one. The best bait you can use is the crayfish (soft shells, preferably). This live bait can work all the time. If you can't find crayfish, then you can opt for minnows and nightcrawlers. Use minnows for cool water and night crawlers for water.

3. Crappie Rig Trick

Using a crappie rig is an excellent way to catch perch. It also allows you to see other species that are present in the area. There are varieties of live bait you can use for your crappie rig. Once you can find the bait that attracts perch, you should set up your rig. The best feeling is when you can seize two big perch in just one go! If you don't like crappie rigs, then you can opt for the basic slip bobber. They can work well, too. There are pre-made crappie rigs you can buy on the market today!

4. Avoid The Mugging!

Perch are skilled when it comes to stealing your bait. Therefore, you have a small hook in your bait so that these fish won't be able to escape. Also, we recommend that you have to place your bait at the tip of the hook. This design enhances your chance to set the perch on the hook once its strikes.

5. Time Is Essential

First-time perch fishers should never waste their time on re-baiting and removing the hook. As we mentioned, perch like to go by batch or school. Therefore, consuming your time over one perch is impractical. Moreover, you should know that the school always keeps on moving. Once you spot a gathering, seize the opportunity immediately! Hence, a crappie rig is essential on these occasions.

6. Never Ignore The Carp Waters 

Carp waters are usually disregarded for perch fishing. Many don't know that these areas are among the favorites of perch. Most of the time, perch are the top of the food chain on these environments. They can even grow colossal because of eating silverfish. We often call them as "jumbo" perch.

7. Prawns

Another great bait for perch are prawns. They can be ideal for areas in where prawns are not part of the diet of the fish. Peeled and cooked prawns can serve you great when it comes to catching perch!

8. Avoid The Sunlight 

You can never find perch if you will be fishing them on daytime. Perch just hate the sun! Therefore, always mark the active schedule of these fish. Dusk is the best time to increase your chances of catching them!



9. Lobworm 

Apparently, perch love aesthetics. A bait that has a striking appearance will look appealing (and delicious) to them! A popped-up lobworm is an excellent example of catching the attention of a perch. You can further improve the capacity of this bait by injecting air to its one end. Use a syringe for this process. Be careful while injecting. You might injure yourself!

10. Use Liquid Attractants

Anglers can opt for a variety of liquid attractants. For predators like perch, a specific formula will certainly magnetize them. Use a cotton wool and soak it to an additive of your choice. Next, place the wool inside a block end feeder. This method can produce enticing juices that taste so good for perch!

11. Chopped Worms Can Work Like A Magic!

 For some unknown reasons, perch love chopped worms. Therefore, using them as bait can guarantee you of a bountiful catch! As a recommendation, use lobworms so that you can get the best outcome!

12. Avoid Using Barbless Hooks

 A barbless hook is a bit problematic, especially if you use them with lobworms. Lobworms can escape can escape on this type of hook. Ideally, you can use an elastic band to keep the bait in place. However, we still recommend for you to use other hooks instead.

13. Crayfish Are Your Enemies 

Perch love crayfish. However, they become an obstacle once you are fishing for the fish. This freshwater crustacean will attack any bait it sees. To overcome this, you have to lure them with fish. Or you can also try popping a lobworm on the bottom.

14. Perch Have Big Mouth

 Perch are among the top predators of any freshwater bodies. One reason for this is due to their huge mouth. Therefore, you will need to use a large bait to get their attention. You can use two lobworms in one go. Or you can try slicing the lobworm into half to make it appear big. In doing this, you have to use larger hooks also. Ideally, you can use size 4 or 6 hooks.



15. Don't Let The Lobworm Escape

Lobworm tends to leave the hook, especially during extensive fishing. You can prevent them from leaving by hooking a red maggot on the tip of the hook. The bright and striking color of the maggot can also help in attracting schools of perch!

16. Go To The Rivers 

The biggest of the perch are found on rivers. Therefore, novice perch catchers should prefer this venue. Just get an ideal prey fish as bait, and you can guarantee that the predators will stay. Specifically, you can hunt for prey fish at the slacks of the rivers. Small fish usually dwell here

17. Locate Perch On Their Favorite Spots

 Any variety of perch loves to loom around sheltered areas of water. In there, they can ambush any prey efficiently. If you are fishing on ponds and lakes, you should look for tree roots and lilies. We are 100% sure that there are a lot of perch lurking beneath them. If wooden platforms are present, then there is a good chance that they are also hiding there.

In rivers, you have to find the mooring stages, locks, towpath pilings, and locks. Schools of perches usually gather there.

18. Get The Right Tool

You can't catch perch if you don't have the proper fishing gears with you. Luckily, a basic rod, fishing line, and reel are already sufficient for fishing perch. Specifically, the rod should only be lightweight. You don't have to pick sophisticated equipment because perch are small in nature.

19. Do Not Forget Your Fishing License 

Perch fishing is fun. However, the leisure would end if your state would fine you for illegal fishing. Some states strictly impose for fishers to get a fishing license. Other licenses set specific catching limits. You don't want to get caught by having too many perch in your cooler! Moreover, some fishers will find it unfair, too!


Learning how to catch perch is essential for every fisher. These fish are sweet and flavorful. Having one or two of them in your meal can certainly satisfy your tummy. Moreover, perch catching is a good way to practice fishing. It will teach you several things about hunting freshwater fish, using baits, and a lot more! Even experienced anglers will always find a way to catch them!

Before you catch, do not forget all the necessary fishing equipment. Bring as many baits as you can to ensure that you won't run out of supplies while in the water. Do not forget to bring your fishing license, too!

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