Fluval FX6 Review: One Of The Best Canister Filters

April 9, 2017

Take your time to read this Fluval FX6 review and see if it is the right canister filter that you need to your home. We covered some of the most distinct features of this device so that you can decide quickly.

Regular cleaning is a must if you own an aquarium. If you don't want your pet fish to stand in harms' way, then you must have a canister filter.

This device will allow you to filter the water in the aquarium to expel those deleterious objects. And among the best choices that you can have for this filter is the Fluval FX.


Fluval FX6 Review

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Canister Filter Benefits

Before we examine the Fluval FX6, let us elaborate first the advantages of using canister filters. It would be useless to buy a product if we don't know its purpose and function, right? Don't worry. This will just be quick.

  • Flow Rates - A canister has the highest filter among all types of aquarium filters. Some brands of canister have a flow rate that reaches over 300 gallons per hour. The flow rate is essential for filters.

Specifically, the higher the flow rate, the faster the filtration process is. Therefore, choosing canisters will save your time (and power consumption, too).

  • Availability of Various Filter Media Most of the canister filters today comes with various mediums of filtration. Of course, you need to know how each of these filters works before buying them. After all, you need to make sure if that particular filter can meet your requirements.

Moreover, it is also important for you to assess the level of maintenance that media would need. Nobody wants to do repairs from now and then.

  • Setup Process - One of the best features of a canister filter is its ease of installation. Compared to other types of filters, canisters have better means of configuration and operation. Just follow the instruction manual, and you are ready to go.
  • Quick Cleaning - Aside from its smooth operation, a canister filter is easy to clean. Once you have the right tools, you don't have to spend time in cleaning this component. Most of the parts of the canister are detachable. Therefore, you can clean them quickly and thoroughly as well.

After you can clean the filter, you can already put the pieces back together. At the end of the day, we all know that cleaning is one effective way to extend the lifespan of any product.

  • It is Quiet - Canister filters have a smooth operation. It doesn't emit noise that would cause a nuisance to the ears. Other types of filters are known to exhibit loud noises while they are cleaning your aquarium. Fortunately, manufacturers of canister filters made sure that their machines won't disturb your household at all.
  • Efficient Mechanical Filtration - The fundamental goal of a canister filter is to expel all those debris that settled in the water of your fish tank. Canister filters do the job through its strong mechanical filtration.

It is so effective that you can guarantee that the unwanted components won't be back in the water. As a result, the water your fish dwell in is always clean and safe.

Fluval FX6 Review

Now that we covered the benefits that you can get from having a canister filter, we can move on to the Fluval FX. This particular unit is among the most well-known brands of canister filter on the market today.

Various online reviews testify the quality of this machine. But of course, we didn't base our analysis based on different user comments. Instead, we tested this device by ourselves.

About The Fluval FX

Only a few brands of canister filter can match the Fluval FX6. Despite its small size, it still possesses strong filtration power. Specifically, this device is built to cater large aquariums.

Specifically, it can accommodate aquariums that have a volume capacity of up to 1,500 liters.

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This particular product uses different technologies to execute its operation entirely. For example, its intake strainer is immune to clogs. As a result, you don't have to worry about any escaping debris.

Massive debris can hamper the water flow, especially on planted aquariums. Moreover, it has specialized valves as well that allows easier aquarium maintenance

.A reputable company like Fluval doesn't make any mistakes on their products. Their canisters are foolproof and don't break easily. Yes.

It is true that this device is quite pricey. But given the features that it has, the Fluval FX remains as one of the top choices for canister filters today.

Below are the main features that would make fall head over heels for this machine. Read on!

Features Of Fluval FX

Excellent Performance

At this point, we have to say that the Fluval FX6 is among the premium filters out there. It can render a performance that you would never expect from it.

As we mentioned earlier, this canister filter is perfect for large water tanks. In fact, it can even handle aquariums that have over 400-gallon capacity.

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Moreover, it can deal with multiple aquariums without encountering any problems. It can filter over 900 gallons of water per hour. You can never find such capacity on conventional types of filters.

Even among the canister filters, Fluval FX6 is among the few who can do such feat!

The size capability of this filter is decent, too. Well, it is an understatement if we say that its capacity is only "adequate." After all, this canister filter has a height of 21 inches. Therefore, you can guarantee that it can handle large tanks easily.

Noiseless Operation

Many people think that high-powered canister filters have a noisy operation. We can often assume those industrial grade power tools that would wreck our eardrums while they are running. However, it is a different story for the Fluval FX6.

We love the fact that it has a quiet operation. Even if you are near to it, you will just barely hear its noise.

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The unique mechanical engineering of this device effectively implements noise suppression. When the filters are not running, this canister would just remain silent. Moreover, we like that it doesn't vibrate too much as other canister filters.

Of course, vibrations are not healthy for the marine life. Therefore, this is an essential feature that you shouldn't ignore.

Multiple Output

This machine comes with a dual output for its nozzle. This setup allows this canister filter to disseminate the clean water to all areas of the fish tank.

Moreover, you can adjust these nozzles as well. Depending on the needs of your aquarium, these nozzles would be able to cater them.

Intuitive Design

One of the best selling points of the Fluval FX6 is its highly intuitive design. Specifically, this machine has a specialized circuit board that monitors its overall status while it is running. The monitoring helps in making sure that this filter is operating at a 100% capacity.

Knowing the overall condition of this machine is a convenient relief to many owners. It will tell you when will be the next time you'll conduct maintenance repairs.

Stop Valves

Since we are talking about maintenance, it is essential to highlight the aqua valve feature of the Fluval FX6. These particular components allow you to do quick checkup either to your canister filter or the aquarium.

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The valves function as a wall that prevents the water flow. You can do this by using its valve lever. Once the valve is actively blocking the water, you will be able to remove the hose without any worries about leakage and damage to the canister's components.

If you are done repairing, then you can just turn back the lever so that the water will flow again.

Effective Siphoning

Many people just hate the manual siphoning. By doing such, you will be able to savor the water of the aquarium, which is quite repulsive. But luckily, Fluval FX6 won't let you suffer such predicament.

This device comes with a self-priming feature which enables you to use the filter quickly. Specifically, it automatically fills up the filter before the filtering process.

Issues About Fluval FX6

Honestly, we cannot find any fault with this canister filter. It is quite perfect in all aspect. Perhaps, the only thing that you might make your frown about this machine is its price.

But given its quality and features, you should expect that already. Well, investing in this device is not a regrettable move either. It is a canister filter worthy of your money.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Fluval FX6 is an excellent choice for a canister filter. It has unique and powerful features that enhance its filtration capability.

You should love the fact that every component that filter should have are present in this canister. Moreover, if you have a large aquarium, choosing this canister is a good move.

Did you learn anything from this Fluval FX6 review? What are your personal thoughts about this product? Tell us everything in the comment section below! Also, don't forget to share this article on your social media accounts!

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