Fluval 406 Review And Its Four Awesome Features You’ll Love!

May 7, 2017

There are a lot of canister filters that you can see on the market today. But if we have to mention one notable product, it would be the Fluval 406 canister filter.

If you want to know the reasons, then you should read this Fluval 406 review. Trust us. You will love this product!

The Fluval 406 lives up to the expectations of many hobbyists. Considering that this is a premium canister filter from Hagen, its excellent performance should not come as a surprise already.

Primarily, the Fluval 406 has a quality design. Its overall structure allows it to contain a suitable amount of filter media.

When it comes to reliability and sustainability, Fluval 406 is second to none. It can work even in the most demanding situations. Moreover, the level of maintenance for this canister filter is not the rigid and stressful.

Because of these feats, the Fluval 406 has a steep price tag. But of course, you will be getting what you paid for.

In this article, we will highlight the best features that this product has. Moreover, we will also indicate a comprehensive but short guideline on how to choose the right canister filter for your aquarium. Read on!


Things to Consider Before Buying a Canister Filter

A canister filter is a necessary component for any aquarium and water tank. Without it, your precious marine life would die because of the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Of course, it would hard for you to manually change the water of your tank from time to time. Just imagine the hassle that it will give you.

Once you have decided to get a canister filter, it is time for you to head to your local stores on online shops. It is a guarantee that you will see a lot of brands and varieties.

But which of them should you choose? Do you even know what makes a good canister filter? Worry not. We got all the answers to these questions.

Flow Rate

It will be a bad move if you choose a canister filter that has a low flow rate. If your filter has a poor flow rate rating, then it could not clean your aquarium quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, a filter that runs slow will consume too much power. Therefore, it might be the reason for the increase in your energy bill.

Meanwhile, a good canister filter can process the water of an aquarium for as quick as 300 gallons per hour. Some brands can even go up to 500 gallons per hour! They should be your primary choice since they won't waste your time and money!

Media Selection

A quality canister filter should be able to accommodate multiple filter media at the same time. Otherwise, you won't be able to come up with a comprehensive filtration system.

When you shop for canister filters, you'll see the descriptions the types of media they can cater. The much, the better.

But it will always remain your responsibility to know how of each of these media work. After all, you won't be able to maximize the full potential of a certain media if you don't how to properly use it.

Improper usage of filters could also lead to possible damages on the canister.

Installation Process

There are a lot of canister filter brands that are notorious for being too rough on their users. Specifically, we are talking about the installation process. We all know that most of you are new to canister filters.

Of course, these machines are not your ordinary day-to-day appliances. Therefore, installing and using them would be difficult unless you have a manual.

A good canister filter has a comprehensive user guide. It should be well-written so that details like assembly and parts would have a clear direction.

Meanwhile, the ideal canister should have a self-priming mechanism. In this way, you don't have to siphon the aquarium water on the canister manually. Doing such is totally repulsive!

Easy to Clean

The job of a canister filter is to clean your aquarium, right? Therefore, it is very obvious that its internal parts will accumulate all sort of dirt over time.

If your filter is hard to clean, then you wouldn't be able to conduct regular maintenance properly. Moreover, it will eventually lead to the deterioration of your canister filter.

If we were you, we would choose a canister filter that can be disassembled. In this way, you can clean each part thoroughly and quickly. Once it's clean, you can be able to put back all the pieces together.

Fluval 406 Review

We now covered some of the most important things you need to consider before buying a canister filter. It is the high-time we feature the Fluval 406.

As early as now, we have to indicate that this canister filter complies to all the key considerations we mentioned. It has an excellent flow rate and a myriad of media selection, which is very impressive indeed.

Also, Fluval 406 is an upgraded version of the Fluval 405 canister filter. The latter was a sure hit. So there are no reasons why the updated version, 405, would suck.

In fact, the Fluval 406 comes with enhanced performance and installation. We love the self-priming mechanism that it has!

The 406 is the biggest among the "06 Series" of Fluval. The largest and meanest machine on the yard can deal with 100-gallon aquariums with ease. Also, the flow rate of this device is near 400 gallons per hour. In short, your aquarium water will always be crystal clear!

Features and Benefits of Fluval 406 Canister Filter

Accommodates All Types of Filtration Media

We noted that Fluval 406 is flexible when it comes to media selection. Any media, from biological to mechanical, can fit inside this filtration machine. It has a large interior which gives a lot of room to any media of your choice.

Specifically, this canister filter has four media chambers. In this way, you can arrange and organize all the media to further enhance the filtration process.

Therefore, it would not be difficult for anyone to get a fully functioning filtration machine with this canister filter!

Easy Maintenance and Clean-Up

The Fluval 406 has a dominant performance. There is no doubt about it. It can quickly clean your water tank with ease. But at the same time, it gathers dirt pretty fast as well.

Fortunately, the clean up for this device is quite easy. Most of its parts are detachable. Even the internal parts can be removed from the body so that you can wash them independently.

There is also a set of lock clamps present on this canister filter. This feature allows you to quickly secure and open the filter every time you will conduct maintenance.

On pressing situations, the AquaStop Valves will certainly come into action. Specifically, the valves will allow you to remove the hoses without water spillage! Therefore, you can do quick maintenance while this filter is running!

Smooth Silent Operation

The convenience that the Fluval 406 gives to its users is certainly irreplaceable. First, you can setup this machine quickly.

The instruction manual that comes with it is very comprehensive (unlike to most of its competitors). Moreover, it comes with a self-priming feature that stops you from sucking the water of your aquarium.

Second, this device comes with a superb impeller. Specifically, the impeller has sound-negating properties that prevent the production of any hum or vibration.

If your aquarium is in the living quarters of your house, this feature of Fluval 406 will be beneficial!

Powerful Flow Rate

The Fluval 406 is the perfect choice for hobbyists that have 100-gallon aquariums or more. Its beast-like flow rate can accommodate these large setups without breaking any sweat.

You can guarantee that your water will always be clean and safe for your precious marine life!

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  • Highly improved design compared to its predecessoR
  • High-capacity canister filter (can handle large water tanks efficiently)
  • ​Flow rate is more than sufficient
  • ​Ergonomic design and intuitive components
  • All parts are made from durable and quality materials
  • Comes with four media baskets
  • ​Can accommodate any filter media
  • Operates smoothly and silently
  • Holds more volume than any round filter
  • Easy to maintain and clean (thanks to is AquaStop valves and clamps)
  • ​It has a three-year warranty


  • The impeller seems to encounter issues after 6 to 12 months of usage
  • It doesn't have a spray bar, which is necessary for sensitive marine life The rib hose is susceptible to capturing debris (you can solve this by buying new tubes)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a complete package?

A: Yes. It includes hoses, filter media, and other necessary accessories.

Q: Does the 405 tubing works with the 406?

A: Yes. They are both compatible with one another.

Q: Does this filter work on 9-inch sliders.

A: Yes. It should be the exact fit for this device.

Q: Are there are any metal parts on this canister filter?

A: No, but you can guarantee that they used high-grade plastics on this machine.

Q: What are the types of media included in this package? A: Bio balls, carbon, and ceramic.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Fluval 406 is an excellent candidate for large aquariums and water tanks. This canister filter should be able to clean up your water regularly and relentlessly. It has a high-load tolerance and can be maintained easily.

Although this device has a relatively high price, investing should not be a problem. After all, it will deliver all its services the way you expect it!

Did you learn from this Fluval 406 review? Tell us your thoughts about this canister filter in the comment section below!

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