SunSun Canister Filter Review: 5 Of The Best SunSun Canisters

April 16, 2017

We already mentioned that canisters are the best filters for aquariums and water tanks. The biggest reason for this is their powerful mechanical filtration that effectively cleans your water.

Furthermore, among the best brands that you can choose is the SunSun. Read this SunSun Canister Filter review to know more about their products.

But before we proceed to the detailed reviews of different SunSun products, let us tackle the benefits you can get from a canister filter. Of course, you wouldn't buy a product that you haven't encountered, right?


SunSun Canister Filter Review


Product Name



Our Rating

SunSun-China HW-304B

11 x 11 x 17

SunSun HW-303B

12 x 12 x 20

SunSun HW-302

9 x 9 x 15

SunSun HW304B

12 x 12 x 18

SunSun HW-404B

20 x 16 x 14

1. SunSun-China HW-304B

Inarguably, the best canister filter that SunSun has is the HW-304B. It is an excellent filter for your aquarium, thanks to its high flow rate and capacity.

Meanwhile, you can appreciate its build because it is very sturdy. It is also compact, too. You can hide it easily under your aquarium so that people won't notice it quickly.

The SunSun HW-304B has a smooth and silent operation, too. It doesn't cause unwanted noises and vibrations that could harm your marine life. All it do is just to make sure that your aquarium will always be habitable to any water creatures.

We can also say that the tubing and seals of this machine have excellent build. They are tough and can hold up for a long time.

Meanwhile, the filter baskets of the SunSun HW-304B are highly customizable. They are easy to configure and maintain, as well.

If you like experimenting with different filter media, this particular canister filter is a good choice. Of course, it is important to highlight that this product is affordable, too.


  • Well-built canister filter
  • It has a decent filtration process
  • ​High flow rate (525 gallons per hour)
  • Ideal for large fish tanks (150 gallons and up)
  • Comes with a sterilizer to control bacteria and algae


  • Some parts are made of plastic
  • The assembly and instruction manual are not sufficient

2. SunSun HW-303B

Another good choice for a canister filter is the Sun HW-303B. This particular machine is perfect for tanks that have a 100-gallon capacity. Moreover, its flow rate is quite impressive, too (up to 350 gallons per hour).

Although it is true that the SunSun HW-303B has a lower capacity compared to the HW-304B, it still possesses the same quality and performance.

This canister filter comes with media trays that can accept other types of media. Specifically, it is compatible with bio-balls, carbons, and ceramic rings.

Because of this feature, the 303B can do high quality biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration. It also got UV sterilizer to prevent the growth of bacteria.

The overall build of the SunSun HW-303B is not something you can laugh about. It can withstand pressure without breaking. Of course, you don't want to do that intentionally. We are just saying that this machine can serve your aquarium for a long time!


  • Ideal for 350-gallon water tanks and aquarium
  • It comes with self-priming pump that eliminates manual siphoning
  • The sterilizer prevents bacterial growth
  • High flow rate
  • Compact size and durable


  • It is a 3-stage filter (instead of acclaimed 4-stage filter)
  • Instruction manuals are difficult to read

3. SunSun HW-302

The SunSun HW-302 is the best choice for anyone who has 150-gallon capacity water tanks. It is quite small compared to the first two products that we mentioned.

But it is something that wouldn't surprise you because this canister filter is only ideal for medium-sized aquariums.

Specifically, the flow rate of the HW-302 is over 260 gallons per hour. It is already pretty decent, considering that this device is quite small. Meanwhile, you will love the fact that comes with all the necessary accessories for a complete filtration machine.

Therefore, you don't have to worry about buying add-ons. We can say that is a canister filter that will give extra value to your money.

Overall, we love the stability of this device. It has a smooth operation. It doesn't give off too much noise and vibration, as well. Moreover, it requires low maintenance, too. As a result, users can be able to use it conveniently and hassle-free.


  • One of the most inexpensive canister filters out there
  • Sturdy build and construction
  • Comes with necessary filtration materials
  • Flow rate is quite decent despite its size
  • Comes with a sterilizer


  • Inadequate for huge aquariums
  • Priming seems to be quite difficult

4. SunSun HW304B (Complete Pro Kit)

We already mentioned how awesome the SunSun HW304B as canister filters. From its build down to its performance, you can never say anything bad about this product.

It can handle over 500 gallons per hour. Moreover, it can tackle aquariums that are 150 gallons and up. It is certainly the cleaning machine that every large aquarium should have.

But SunSun seems to be unsatisfied with that. With this SunSun HW304B Set, they made sure already that their customers would get all the necessary components to keep their aquariums clean.

Aside from the default 9W UV sterilizer, this package also comes with various filter pads and an extra blue coarse pad.

Meanwhile, it also got other filter media as well. Such of these are the bio balls (40 pieces), ceramic rings (1 pound), and carbon filter (1 lb). In fact, we calculated that these extra perks would cost more if you purchase them separately.

But since they are all part of the Pro Kit, it is like you are getting them free (almost)!


  • Complete water-cleaning package
  • High-quality accessories (especially the filter media)
  • The canister filter (HW304B) is a real beast when it comes to cleaning
  • A package that will give value to your money
  • All the items have durable construction


  • Assembly might take time
  • The instruction manual is still hard to understand

5. SunSun HW-404B

The SunSun HW-404B is a modified version of the HW304B. At this point, we cannot say that it is better than the HW30B. But at the same time, we cannot conclude that it is weaker than the latter.

The biggest reason for that is because these two canisters have the same flow rate capacity. They are also designed to cater 150-gallons water tanks and aquariums. So where did they differ?

Upon our testing, we have noticed that the HW-404B has a smoother operation. It is more silent compared to the HW30B canister filter. Moreover, the vibrations it produces is not that noticeable, too.

Well, such upgrades are not exactly you are expecting from the 404B. But since the price didn't change that much, we guess that its enhanced operation is already worthy to invest.


  • Quieter than the HW304B
  • Can do fast and efficient filtration
  • ​It is a 5-stage canister filter
  • Comes with a 9W UV sterilizer to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and algae
  • Quality built and hardware


  • The fitting of the media baskets is somehow loose
  • Not enough instructions for the setup process

What Is A Canister Filter?

This particular filter uses a container that has several filter media inside. There is a hose that sucks the water from your aquarium inside the tank to undergo various filtration stages.

After that, the water will then be released back to the aquarium. The cleaning process is continuous, depending on the capacity of your setup.

Features of a Canister Filter

Clutter-Free Setup

Unlike those power filters, canister filters don't have a large setup. They can hide inconspicuously, which is a good thing. The only thing that is visible is the hose that extends to the aquarium.

In short, it doesn't add to the clutter and visual obstructions that defile the view of your aquarium.

Custom Filtration is Expandable

By default, canister filters can operate independently. But it doesn't mean that it cannot work with other aquarium accessories.

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Specifically, any types of UV sterilizers, water chillers, and BIO-Wheels are compatible with a canister filter. Once you integrate this device to the canister, you will get an enhance filtration system.

In fact, you can even configure the water flow by hooking up a spray bar to the return line of the canister. Of course, the only limitation you have is the maximum flow rate of your canister. That also counts your imagination, too.

Optimal Media Capacity

The biggest advantage of a canister filter is its spacious media baskets. Obviously, the size of the media and the number of baskets vary from one brand to another.

But when it comes to canister filters, you can guarantee that the filters are made to accommodate huge volume of water.

Moreover, you could also use various type of media as well and combine them to create a whole water cleaning machine. Media like chemical, mechanical, and biological are among the options that you have.

Easy Cleaning

Canister filters are easier to clean compared to other types of filter. As long as you got the right tools, you will be able to clean them without any hassle. Specifically, canisters have detachable components.

You can even access the filters and other internal parts easily. Moreover, getting these parts back is convenient as well. Therefore, if you are looking for an intuitive filter, then you should choose a canister.

Mechanical Filtration Is Effective

When it comes to cleaning the water, mechanical filtration is the most efficient way. This method can efficiently expel large debris that settled in the water.

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Most of the canister filters are using this mechanism. Therefore, your marine life has a higher chance of survival once you use a canister filter.

These are some of the best features of a canister filter that you wouldn't want to ignore. For those that have large aquariums in their home or office, this type of filter is quite necessary.

They are your ideal choice, especially if you are looking for convenience and guaranteed performance.

Now that we got this covered, it is time to review some of the best SunSun Canister Filters. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Final Verdict

Overall, the brand SunSun is a producer of quality canister filters.

Anyone can guarantee that their canisters can effectively maintain the cleanliness of your aquarium. As long as you have them, your marine life will always be alive and kicking.

Since all of these canister filters are ideal for different applications, we couldn't declare which of them is the best. All we can say is that they are high-quality canisters.

In fact, their performance is almost equal to the premium brand Fluval. Of course, Fluval is the better brand. But it doesn't mean that the SunSun products are of the race.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of the Sunsun canister filters is their affordability. They are the perfect choice for those who have a limited budget. Therefore, investing in them won't be a waste of your money!

Did you learn from this SunSun Canister Filter review? What are your thoughts about these products? Have you used any of them? Tell us your answers in the comment section below!

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