Guaranteed Guide To The 5 Best Saltwater Spinning Reel

January 5, 2017

In saltwater, the conditions may vary compared to freshwater and inshore fishing. Often you have to deal with bigger fishes as the sea and ocean themselves are larger than lakes and rivers.

Another thing you have to consider is that the risk of corrosion is increasing in these waters. Remember that there is too much salt in the water. Also, there are lots of debris like coral reefs and seaweeds, as well as rocks. These may cut your line easily.

That’s when you will need high-quality lures and lines. Saltwater spinning reels can also refer to open-face. These devices are perfect for a larger fishing trip. But, finding the ideal one may be a challenge to beginners. Thus, we are going to help you find the best saltwater spinning reel available on the market.


Overview of Spinning Reel

Reels revolutionized the fishing industry. These products are easy to learn and use. But, what is even better is that they do not backlash. These are the newly available spinning reels. A vertical and stationary spool that comes with a pickup arm enables the line to run off the reel when casting. The arm will rotate with each turn of the handle to revolve the line back on the reel.

Spinning reels became famous because of their effortlessness of use. When you use reels, your casting will be more accurate, especially for occasional anglers. Moreover, backlashes diminish because of the utilization of the device.

Overall, saltwater spinning reels can put up lines as heavy as 50 pounds. The matching rod built to handle it will make it more accurate, easy to utilize, and convenient to cast.

You see, when you use a traditional reel and rod, casting will be far more challenging. When you use a long cast, it will become inaccurate and will result in backlashes. Cumbersome spinning reels serve for light trolling. In fact, anglers ship many fishes using a 30-pound spinning reel.

For a tackle that is more cumbersome that the 50-pound line, a spinning gear won’t easily hold up. Also, the strength of the rod needed will make it unusable.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Saltwater Spinning Reel

The aspects that make up the top spinning reel for saltwater conditions would be the following:

Durability of the Spinning Reel

You can use saltwater spinning reels for longer periods. You have to remember that you need something that you can no longer utilize in a couple of months. So, you will need a spinning reel that is heavy duty. Fishes in seas and oceans are large. They are at least 20 pounds or under compared to fishes in freshwater. They also tolerate rough situations that the sea and the beach are going to put up to them.

Their bodies usually have aluminum, graphite, and non-metal components, including carbon in Cl4+. One thing you also have to look at a spinning reel is the tightness of the frame. When saltwater fishing, it is vital that water does not get in the device. With saltwater spinning reels, you do not need to worry because they have drag waters seal.

Capacity of the Line

The fishing line also goes hand in hand with durability. If your line size is not adequately substantial, then you are not going to catch the bigger fishes in the ocean. The line capacity will determine the spool size and weight. So, if the reel has a 255/14 rating, it will have 255 yards length and 14 pounds of the test line.

Spinning reels that grasp more line are heavier and more expensive. So, you need to do your research to think which kind of fishes you are going to catch. Also, you need to determine how many lines you will require.

Bearings of the Reel

If you want a smoother turn on your saltwater spinning reel, you will need a well-manufactured ball bearing. It will make the reel handle all the turns and jerking. However, when you choose the opposite, then you won’t achieve that smooth experience when catching bigger fishes. Hence, it will make the fishing process far more challenging than what it should be.


When you know particular species of fishes; you can quickly set up your saltwater spinning reel to accommodate them. To catch larger fishes, you have to plan and prepare for a stronger line. Also, you may need more options to what spinning reel you should get.

List of Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

Here are some of the top saltwater spinning reels you should consider purchasing:



Our Rating


Fargiant Aluminum 6+1 BB Spinning Reels

Piscifun Spinning Reels

Sougayilang Fishing Reels

KastKing Summer Spinning Reel

Daiwa Procyon Spinning Reel

1. Fargiant Aluminum 6 Plus 1 BB Ball Steel Bearing Fishing Spinning Reels

  • Unique Features of the Product:

Fargiant spinning reels come with six plus one stainless steel bearings and precisely machined pinion. Also, it is a powerful tool with a 5:5:1 ratio for fishing gear. The capacity of the line is 0.22mm/200mm, 0.3mm/100m, and 0.25mm/150m. Also, it has a computerized micro-balance rotor and micro adjusting front drag.

What’s even better is that it has an aluminum CNC machined spool that power drives the gear for increased strength. It is a lightweight product with a sleek design that comes with an EVA knob.


  • The anti-reverse of the item works perfectly without any slippages.
  • Also, the bell is also tight, and you can quickly notice the ball bearing.
  • ​The bearing works smoothly.
  • ​It has a beautiful color combination of a matte black frame. The spool also has a black and glossy blue accents.
  • The foam in the reel adds comfort and security.


  • None so far.

2. Piscifun Spinning Reels

  • Unique Features of the Product:

It is a model that has several ball bearings. But, these are not ordinary bearings, these are actually stainless steel. Also, it comes with precision machined gears and a single roller bearing.

Piscifun spinning reel has a drag that has sealed-disc carbon fiber and some other components have stainless steel, including the main shaft. In fact, it is a high-quality corrosion resistant coil. It is a very durable product because of its aluminum base and even its cover. It has a titanium coat line roller and graphite rotor.


  • It is a well-constructed spinning reel.
  • Plus, it offers better casting.
  • ​The ball bearing is smooth, and the spindle’s speed is excellent.
  • Also, the carbon fiber drag system makes it easier to fight bigger fishes.


  • The weight of the reel is a bit on the heavier side.
  • It will take a whole lot of effort for you to manipulate this spinning reel.

3. Sougayilang Fishing Reels

  • Unique Features of the Product:

The manufacturer gives off two types of the combo. All you need to do is to choose what need starting from the color of the product. You will also get a rod and the reel. The fishing rod has a superior quality carbon fiber. Also, it has a durable and reliable carbon body. It has a piano porcelain colorful guide rings. Also, it has a high-quality rod for an extended length.

Plus, the reel comes with CNC machine and a cut collapsible handle. It is a right and left interchangeable bar that has an adjustable full metal screw coil. Moreover, it comes with 13 plus one pieces of ball bearings and a one-way clutch. Lastly, it has an aluminum spool.


  • You can fully control your casting.
  • It comes with an ultra thin, durable body design.
  • ​Also, it is suitable for fishing from reefs, boats, and rocks.
  • ​It can work for professional anglers and novices.
  • ​Plus, it comes with essential accessories for fishing.
  • ​It is ideally elastic.
  • Moreover, the fishing pole is sturdy and durable.


  • It is quite smaller than other reels.
  • You expect that this reel can extend your catch. However, this is not the case.

4. KastKing Summer Spinning Reel

  • Unique Features of the Product:

It is a beautiful product with excellent design. Plus, it has a brilliant finish. It has many features, yet it is very affordable. The product is lightweight with a small computer balancing system and graphite frame design.

It is a high-powered reel that offers incredible power up to 20 pounds. It has a strong main shaft, ideal mesh drive gear, as well as precision machined pinion gear. Also, it can offer you with excellent and smooth performance with its nine quality ball bearing and one anti-reverse bearing.


  • A good reel for a great value.
  • The handle is light, and the drag is smooth to use.
  • Also, you can use cast and retrieve the fishes smoothly.


  • The reel may be smaller than what most anglers expect to get.
  • It creates lesser line capacity.

5. Daiwa Procyon Spinning Reel

  • Unique Features of the Product:

Procyon has applications made for fresh and saltwater conditions. Also, this product has a Hardbodyz body design, Digigear, and Air Rotor.


  • The reel is smooth and light to use.
  • The reel is well-made and is corrosion proof.
  • It has a rigid metal body that may work even for beginners.


  • It makes a clicking sound after you close the bail and start reeling the line.
  • Daiwa’s spinning reel is not as flawless and smooth than other spinning reels.
  • It does not come with an extra spool


Saltwater fishing is such an incredible experience. But, you have to ensure that you have the right equipment, especially the coil. For beginners and pros, the Fargiant spinning reel is one product you’ll need to go on your saltwater fishing adventure.

It is an equipment every angler dreams to have, especially because of its innovative design and high-quality materials.

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