5 Best Under Sink Water Filter System Reviews: How To Get Safe And Clean Water

February 5, 2018

Best Under Sink Water Filter System

It’s amazing how greatly humans depend on water. It is estimated that at least a sixth of the cells that make up the human body is composed of water. With this, thus, one can live for as long as three weeks without calorie intake but only a week without water.

With this much water content in the human body, it is not surprising that the quality of water one takes in has a huge impact on his or her health.

On the flip side, by ensuring that the water you drink is as free from impurities as possible, you improve your health, as well.

In this article, we’ll introduce the best under sink water filter system reviews that will guide you in choosing the best equipment for your home filtration system with as low cost as possible.




Our Rating


Home Master TMAFC-ERP

Tyent UCE-11

Tyent ACE-11 Turbo Extreme

4 APEC Top Tier

5 Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection

1. Home Master TMAFC-ERP

One byproduct of the use of chlorine in tap water is chloramine. Chloramine is a toxic substance found in tap water that must be filtered out.

Home Master effectively removes 98% of chemicals and contaminants including chloramine. In addition, this filter system adds in minerals to improve the taste of the water.

Furthermore, it’s very efficient. It reduces wasted by up to 80% while increasing water production by half. Also, you’d only change the filter once a year or after processing 2000 gallons of water.


  • Great reverse osmosis system. Probably one of the best in the market.
  • Excellent purification. Passes water through 7 stages of filtration effectively removing 98% of contaminants.
  • Energy efficient. Has built-in non-electric permeate pump.
  • ​Long lasting. You’d change the filter after every 2000 gallons or approximately a year of use.
  • Easy-to-change filters.


  • Issues with leaks. Probably due to poor or less durable materials than standard.
  • Unclear installation manuals. You’d need assistance to install the unit since the manual is a bit confusing.
  • ​Expensive. Other units of comparable quality are priced at a hundred or so cheaper.

2. Tyent UCE-11

Often, the reason for installing an under-sink water purifying system is to get as pure water as possible. The Dual Ultra Filtration features of the Tyent UCE-11 removes 99.9% of contaminants. In the language of water-filtration, that’s impressive.

Although there are lots of questions as to the purported effects of taking ionized water, still, if you are a fan of it, this unit can ionize your water, as well.

It’s quite pricey, however, but because of the “Forever Warranty” offered by the company, it makes purchasing it somewhat a pleasant decision.


  • Comes with a “forever warranty”
  • Impressive design
  • ​Uses 11 huge platinum plates for increased efficiency
  • ​Removes 99.9% contaminants from water
  • ​Has fast flow rate
  • Ionizes water


  • Very expensive. The cost doesn’t outweigh the benefits.

3. Tyent ACE-11 Turbo Extreme

Aside from the exceptional filtration capability of the Tyent ACE-11, the brand claims to add anti-oxidant to the water. That’s an essential feature since antioxidants neutralize free radicals which are a precursor to cancer.

The company claims to add in anti-oxidant by utilizing a hydrogen boost.

Like the Tyent ACE-11 Ionizer, the Tyent Ace-11 Turbo Extreme can filter out 99.9% of contaminants. In water filtration standards, that’s very ideal. In addition to its features and its excellent performance, it also comes with a beautiful design.

One downside with Tyent filters is their price. They are way too expensive that only wealthy homeowners or enthusiasts would want to buy one. It comes with a “forever warranty,” however, making it a bit attractive.


  • Hydrogen boost. Adds super antioxidant to water.
  • Forever Warranty
  • ​Filters out 99.9% of contaminants
  • ​Fast flow rate (A+ in BBB Rating)
  • ​Elegant and sophisticated design
  • Easy to install and use


  •  Way too expensive for ordinary homeowners.

4. APEC Top Tier

For its price, the APEC Top Tier is impressively efficient. Although not as expensive as the two Tyent filtration systems, the APEC is surprising capable of filtering out 99% of contaminants.

Also, APEC Top Tier boots of durable design and construction since all units are assembled in the US.

It is easy to install. A unit can be up and running in no time without much assistance from a professional. Although installation doesn’t require extra lock clips, the unit is surprisingly secure and convenient.

Lastly, one attractive feature of this system is that the material used does not contain any lead.


  • High-quality materials. The unit is designed and assembled in the US.
  • Removes 99% of contaminants
  • Long-lasting filters.
  • Comes with a 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Easy to install
  • Lead-free components and materials.


  • Other brands have longer lasting filters compared to APEC.

5. Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection

What’s great about Home Master filters is the Reverse Osmosis systems. The innovative design of the Home Master TMHP solves most problems encountered by conventional RO systems.

Although not as impressive as other units mentioned in this review, the Home Master TMHP still filters out 98% of contaminants including heavy metals, sediments, and toxic substances.

Very pure water tastes funny. That’s, perhaps, the reason Home Master TMHP adds minerals—to improve the taste of the water. The company boasts of a patented system that adds calcium and magnesium during the filtration process.

The system comes with UV filter that kills and destroys bacteria and viruses.

What’s remarkable about this unit is their long-lasting filters. 2,000 gallons of water or approximately a year of use is its limit before you replace the filters. Also, installing the filters is a breeze and does not require additional tools.


  • Great Reverse osmosis system. Probably the best in the market.
  • Removes 98% of contaminants
  • Adds in minerals to water for excellent taste
  • Has UV filter to kill and destroy bacteria and viruses
  • Easy-to-change filters
  • Durable filters—you need only change once a year.


  • Expensive. You can buy cheaper systems with better sets of features.
  • Construction issues.

Why the Need to Filter Water

Tap water is regulated by the government to ensure that it’s safe to drink—or is it? Should you filter out tap water before drinking?

The short answer is yes. Tap water is not completely free from impurities. Although water undergoes certain processes and treatments before they are distributed, often what these do is to reduce the pollutants to certain limits.

Some analysts argue that while most of the limits to contaminants imposed by municipalities on water are considerably safe, some are way lenient. This results to some questions regarding the safety of drinking this water.

In addition, granted that water distribution authorities treat and process water to reduce impurities to certain levels, the mere existence of these contaminants raises questions as to their minute effects on the human body that could potentially turn out to be significant over time.

Common Impurities Found in Tap Water and their Health Effects

Ensuring that the amount of impurities in water remain at a safe level isn’t enough to keep us feel safe.

Yes, their concentration may be considered to be at a safe level. However, the number of types of impurities you can find in water and their potential effects if they accumulate inside your body (assuming that they are not thoroughly flushed out due to some conditions) could pose a serious threat to human health.

Here are some contaminants commonly found in tap water and their ill effects on human health:


You probably have wondered about it sometime in the past. However, since almost everyone is okay with chlorine in tap water, and no one has been reported to die of it yet, you think it’s safe.

Chlorine is used to kill off bacteria and viruses in drinking water. The use of it, however, is founded on the premise that its considered effects outweigh the consequences.

When chlorinated water makes contact with your skin, it enters the body through the pores. Drinking water with chlorine further increases chlorine contents in the body.

While they are maintained at a safe, non-toxic level, research suggests that long-term exposure to chlorine causes a build-up of free-radicals which are precursors to cancer.

Pesticides and insecticides

No one bothers to inform you this but if you’re living near an agricultural area, chances are your tap water contains traces of pesticides and insecticides.

The concentration of pesticides and insecticides declared safe is based on data about the human body neutralizes these toxins. However, the human response to toxins differs from individual to individual.

Some people react differently even to small amounts of these substances. What if you have this sensitivity?

Bacteria and Viruses

Chlorine in tap water neutralizes bacteria and viruses. The process, however, results to residue build up which has a potentially harmful effect on the human body.

Filtration processes conducted on tap water removes residue. Thus, water purification is a necessary step to ensure that the water we drink is safe enough.


Price per feature, we believe the APEC Top Tier is the best filter system. Compare to the other filter systems mentioned in this review, the APEC Top Tier is the cheapest. What’s impressive about the unit is that is can filter out 99% of contaminants considering that it’s the cheapest of the products. It’s no wonder this product is currently the best-selling filtration system in Amazon.

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