GalaxyHydro 300W LED Review One Of The Best Grow Lights

April 9, 2017

Are you looking for a grow light? Confused by the number of choices that are present on the market today? Fret not. There is one particular product that you might want to consider. And that is the GalaxyHydro.

Check the specific details of this grow light in this GalaxyHydro 300W LED review

Cannabis growing is still an emerging trend. Many enthusiasts grow this particular plant because of its health benefits. As long as the person operates under the jurisdiction of law, he/ she can culture cannabis on this his/ her premise.

There are a lot of things that you need to have before you can grow cannabis. One of these is the grow light (or the hydroponic grow lamps). Without them, plants like marijuana won't be able to survive. After all, such specimen does not rely on sunlight alone.


Why You Need a Grow Light

Various studies in the area of hydroculture suggest that a grow light is efficient in an indoor hydroponic application. Specifically, such component emits red, blue, and green LED light that is quite beneficial for plant growth and development.

Moreover, growers can control the intensity and spectrum of these LED lights. If you can determine the right amount of light to use, there is a good chance that you can make your cannabis grow green and sturdy. And the best of all, its overall quality would improve.

Because of these reasons, cannabis growers are quite fond of searching the right grow light. If you are among them, then we recommend that you should try the GalaxyHydro 300W LED Grow Light. This is one of your best options when it comes to this device.

About the GalaxyHydro 300W LED Grow Light

The GalaxyHydro is one of the most reputable brands of grow light. In the market today, this particular has an excellent rapport due to its quality features.

It has been in the industry for several years already. But despite that, only a few brands can match its performance.

Overall, the built and features of GalaxyHydro are ideal for every hydroponic plant growers. It can accommodate every indoor setting, which is great news for many producers.

After all, finding an adaptive grow light is too hard nowadays. Specifically, it got three versions: the 300W, dimmable, and non-dimmable.

Aside from these feats, the GalaxyHydro is a budget-friendly option, too. It doesn't mean that it is the cheapest brand out there. Instead, this grows light gives excellent value for money. It short, it is an investment that you will never regret.

GalaxyHydro 300W LED Review

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  • 9-band LED Light
  • Full spectrum (440nm, 460nm, 470nm, 610nm, 660nm, 630nm)
  • 7,000 lumen


Comes with a Dimmable Feature

One of the best aspects of the GalaxyHydro is its dimming capability. Because of this feature, you have the total control over the intensity of light that you pour into your plants. You can use through an intuitive dial that you can find above the panel.

Moreover, such feature enables you to use this grow light conveniently. You don't have to adjust the placement height of this device because you can weaken the intensity anytime. Of course, such capability is critical so that you can cope up with the transition stages of the plant.

Full Spectrum

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There are a lot of grow light out there that claims that they possess full spectrum. It is a marketing pitch that we are already accustomed to. However, it is still hard to determine which of them tells the truth.

For the case of GalaxyHydro, you don't have to do rigid scrutiny anymore. This product comes with nine different bands of light. Moreover, it also has infrared and ultraviolet LED lights, too. You can never see such feature on ordinary LED lights.

Specifically, the GalaxyHydro has a broad light spectrum. It has a 430-to-730 nanometer coverage. As a result, this grows light can cater all the growth stages of the plant. Also, the full light spectrum supports efficient photosynthesis as well.

300 Watts

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Any manufacturer of LED light would tell that their product is a 300-watt panel. It is somehow a vague description about the full spec of the grow light. In reality, there are no LED panels today that can give off such intensity.

Instead, the 300-watt is the overall rating of all the diodes present in the device.

We tried to use a wattage meter to this device. The result we got is less than 300 watts. Specifically, it is around 250 watts. But that amount is sufficient already.

Quality Diodes

GalaxyHydro 300W LED Review

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The GalaxyHydro is using more than a hundred of 3-watt EPILEDS on its panel. Furthermore, these LED lights have a unique arrangement to enhance their lighting efficiency further.

Honestly, the EPILED is not the best diode brand out there. But given the price of this product, it is already an excellent choice.

The diodes are arranged in various angles. Some have a 90-degree positioning, while some are fixed into 120 degrees. Such kind of formation prevents the dangers of "hot spots." Therefore, your precious cannabis won't be in harm's way as long as you use this grow light.

Low Maintenance

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Low-quality LED grow lights will leave your problematic and furious. Some of them would just die off without even warning. Fortunately, that will never happen to the GalaxyHydro.

This particular LED grow light has a sturdy build. The entire panel is durable and can last long. Moreover, you will never worry about changing its ballasts and bulbs. This grows light got your money covered!

Extensive Warranty

One of the best-selling points of the GalaxyHydro 300W LED Grow Light is its warranty. Specifically, you will be getting a two-year warranty when you buy this product. But why two years?

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Well, the official lifespan that this device has is 50,000 hours. That's more than two years, right? The manufacturer apparently wants you to put your faith to them. If something within the span of two years, they got you covered.

But if nothing went wrong, then you can guarantee already that it will run continuously until the end of its lifespan.

Compact Design

User-friendly is one of the best adjectives that we can give to the GalaxyHydro LED Grow Light. Aside from having an intuitive interface, it also has a compact and portable design.

Specifically, it has 16 inches x 8.5 inches x 2.5 inches dimension. This kind of size is the ideal choice for those that have small plots.

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If you are somehow interested on micro-growing, then this panel is a useful option. Of course, you can buy multiple units of this product if your indoor environment is quite large.

At this point, you have to know that it has growing coverage is 2 feet x 2.5 feet. We can say that it is pretty standard for most indoor setups nowadays.

Moreover, we recommend that you hang this panel 16 to 20 inches above the canopy of your plants.

But since it has an adjustable intensity, you can always augment the height. You can even experiment with different height and determine which one can give you the best results.

Smooth Operation

The entire panel of the GalaxyHydro 300W has specialized fans and heatsinks. With these components around, you can be confident that the LED grows light won't overheat. If you don't know, overheating is one of the major causes of light damages.

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If your current system doesn't have fans and heatsinks, there is a huge risk that they won't last long.

Daisy Chain

There are several types of growing spaces that will need you to install additional panels. Of course, you need to do this because the shade is not healthy for plants like cannabis.

Adding more panels can be quite tricky. But if you choose the GalaxyHydro, you can solve such nuisance quickly.

You can connect several units of GalaxyHydro with the use of the Daisy Chain. Specifically, it is a specialized power cable that you lets you connect multiple units of this LED panel.

It saves you from the mess of using a lot of wires. Moreover, it makes your growing area a lot clean and clutter-free.

Final Verdict

We can say that the GalaxyHydro 300W LED Grow Light is an excellent option for individuals that cannot buy those high-end panels. Furthermore, we deem that is a good choice for those that have small indoor spaces in their yard.

We mentioned earlier that you could buy multiple units of this panel if you have a large growing area. But it wouldn't hurt you if you opt to purchase a stronger panel than this.

Overall, the quality of GalaxyHydro is truly excellent. It is among the few panels that possess durability and long-lasting performance. It is affordable and comes with a warranty, too. Therefore, investing in this device would be beneficial for your plants.

Did you learn from this GalaxyHydro 300W LED review? What are your thoughts about this product? Do you think that it is the best LED grow light under $150? Tell us your opinion in the comment section down below.

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