The Best ViparSpectra LED Review: Its Top 3 Features And More!

May 7, 2017

Growing indoor plants like cannabis is a thing nowadays. Alongside their popularity is the growth of LED grows lights as well. Among them is the ViparSpectra LED. Check out the features of this device in this ViparSpectra LED review!

If you are planning to culture indoor plants, LED grow lights are necessary. Of course, the reason for this is very evident.

The plants are ensconced in a roofed building or structure. Therefore, the natural light won't be able to penetrate. If you don't have an alternative light source, your precious plants would not even grow.

Fortunately, LED grow lights are becoming more accessible as years pass by. Specifically, these devices can produce almost the same light spectrum that the sun generates.

Moreover, you can also adjust the focus and intensity of LED grow lights, which make them usable in the plant's various growth stages.

ViparSpectra LED is one of the best grow lights that you can buy today. It possesses excellent features that would bolster the quality of the plant's yield.

As long as you have this grow light, you can guarantee that your plants would grow sturdy, healthy, and green!


Things to Consider Before Buying a Grow Light

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Before we proceed to the full review of the ViparSpectra LED, let us discuss the key considerations in choosing a grow light first. You don't want to get fooled by fancy marketing pitches, right?

Moreover, nobody wants to waste their money on low-quality components. This short but comprehensive buying guide will help your avoid those predicaments.

Honestly, choosing a grow light is not an easy thing. If you are new to these devices, then getting lost is surely inevitable. As we mentioned earlier, grow lights are different from LED or fluorescent fixtures.

Specifically, they are not the same as high-pressure sodium or metal halide lights that you can see in your hardware stores.

LED grow lights are not your usual day-to-day product. These are specialized planting accessory that is typically present in greenhouses and indoor farms. Furthermore, most of the grow lights today vary in sizes, heat load, and spectrum.

If you don't know how all these aspects work, then there is a good chance that you will get the wrong LED light. But worry not. We will give you three things that you should look for a grow light. Here are they:


When choosing a grow light, make sure that it has an adjustable power. Otherwise, you will end up buying various LED lights to accommodate the different growth stages of the plant.

Each growth stage has a different light requirement. For example, seedlings require as much light as it needs. The seedling would extend and get leggy when there is an insufficient light because it is trying to find new energy sources.

But at the same time, you cannot just settle on using a high wattage LED light. Doing such will hurt your plant. Too much light generates excess heat. And heat would eventually shrivel and shrink your precious green buddies.

A good LED grows light will let you adjust its intensity. They can provide the appropriate amount of light without you changing their elevation.

Light Duration

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Most of the plants in the world are dependent on light for their growth. But it doesn't mean that they need light all day. Many amateur farmers would constantly spout that indoor plants require 24 hours of sunlight exposure. That's a complete absurdity. In fact, too much sun would make your plants dull.

Your green friends also require the dark for their spur their vegetative growth. Specifically, the ideal ratio is 20 hours (of light) to 4 hours (of dark). However, this still varies to the type of plant that you are growing.

When choosing for a grow light, make sure that it comes with an automatic timer. This feature will enable the grow light to switch on and off under your prescribed time.

Even if you are outside or traveling, you can guarantee that your plants are still getting the right amount of light.


It is hard to replicate the actual colors and properties of the natural sunlight. In fact, grow lights themselves are only 90% close. Fortunately, that is already sufficient to make your plants happy.

In choosing a grow light, ensure that it can generate a full-color spectrum. These types of LED grow lights are the best choice for the optimal development of the plant.

Of course, it should also contain the blue, red, UV, and IR lights as well! These essential light components would make sure that your green buddies will grow healthy!

ViparSpectra LED Review

The ViparSpectra LED is among the newest grow lights on the market today. But despite being a new entry, growers instantly noticed it.

Specifically, this grows light offers a myriad of benefits and advantage. It comes with different models as well to cater various setups and growing areas.

It is also safe to install multiple units of ViparSpectra LED to an indoor garden. It comes with handy amenities that would make its operation convenient and smooth. But the popularity of the ViparSpectra does not only in there.

One of its biggest selling points is its price. Specifically, it is a high-quality entry grade LED light. Even expert growers can benefit from it!

The ViparSpectra LED fixture offers various features that any hobbyists and cultivators would love. We will cover all of them in this article. Read on!

Benefits of ViparSpectra LED

Full Spectrum

The ViparSpectra wouldn't be an excellent choice if cannot generate a full spectrum. After all, we know that all plants have different light requirements for their growth. Since this particular grow light is a full spectrum, you can use it on any plant you want.

Moreover, it can also serve on various growth stages. As long as you have this panel, you guarantee that your plants will flourish healthily.

There are some grow lights that offer full-spectrum as well. But it is notable that their design is not that ergonomic and intuitive. As a result, the focus of the light is scattered.

Sometimes, the light would congregate in a certain area. Of course, this is bad since it can generate "hot spots" that would ruin your plant.

Fortunately, ViparSpectra has an orderly and uniform arrangement of its LED lights. It also uses the Reflector technology on its diodes to increase its coverage. Because of these features, it can deliver the ample amount of light that your plant needs.

Light Intensity Quality

The ViparSpectra LED grow light is using 5-watt LED chips. These chips work hand-in-hand with the built-in reflectors to generate light that is almost comparable to natural light. This is an ideal intensity that you want your plants to bask with.

However, we discourage you to stare at them directly. They are too bright and could damage your vision.

Although it is true that the diodes do not belong to high-end brands, their performance is still impressive. Even if they are not COB diodes, we can guarantee that the diodes would still produce the right light intensity.

Moreover, you can adjust the intensity as well, which makes it an excellent choice!

Energy Efficient

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When we tested the ViparSpectra, we noticed how moderate its energy consumption is. It doesn't eat up too much power compared to its competitors. For example, the ViparSpectra 300 has a rating of 300 watts, but its actual power draw is only 130 watts, which is less than half!

Even if you install multiple units of this fixture in your indoor garden, you can be confident that your power bill would still not break your wallet!

Of course, the moderate energy consumption is not just about reducing electrical costs. It could also extend the lifespan of the device. 

Since it doesn't operate on high-power settings, the heat generation is not that significant. It would cool fast, which is a necessary life-preserving feature for any LED lights!


  • Quality and sturdy construction
  • Energy-efficient LED light
  • 100% Full-Spectrum (includes UV and IR lights as well)
  • ​Adjustable light intensity
  • ​Comes with heatsinks and cooling fans
  • ​It has a long lifespan (around 40,000 hours)
  • ​Comes with various models to accommodate different indoor garden sizes
  • Provides adequate light to support all the growth stages of plants
  • ​Affordable option for a grow light
  • ​Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • ​It has a hanging kit and a power cord
  • ​Compatible with 100-240V AC


  • It doesn't come with a daisy chain (you have to buy it separately)
  • It doesn't have a timer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where can you get the daisy chain?

A: Although you can buy a separate daisy chain, its power cord somehow acts as the chain already.

Q: Is this more energy efficient than a digital ballast?

A: Yes. It is among the most energy efficient LED lights today.

Q: Does this device generate heat?

A: Since it does have cooling fans and sinks, the heat is barely noticeable.

Q: Would it work on tomatoes and other plants?

A: Yes, since it is full-spectrum of LED light.

Q: Does it plug directly into a power outlet?

A: Yes.

Final Verdict

Overall, the ViparSpectra is a quality LED light, wherever you look at it. It is the perfect choice for an entry-grade grow light fixture because of its affordability and value. Moreover, its performance on the field is simply impressive. We have tested it and confirmed that it could provide optimal lighting for various growth stages of any plant!

Did you learn from this ViparSpectra LED review? Tell us your thoughts about this product in the comment section below!

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