How To Get Scratches Out Of Glasses For A 100% Clear View

May 11, 2017

There is nothing more horrible than putting on your glasses and noticing that you cannot see clearly. In fact, it would even irritate you more when you see that your lenses have scratches.

If you have glasses that are full of scratches, no worries! You can still fix them affordably and quickly using some household products at home. Here are some of the most efficient methods to follow on how to get scratches out of glasses.


Methods to Remove Scratches From Your Glasses

Here are some of the most reliable ways to get rid of unwanted scrapes from your glasses:

Using Baking Powder and Toothpaste

These techniques were existing a long time ago. However, experts have not yet proven their efficiency. But a theory suggests that the substances of these products contain micro-abrasives that when you mix with force, it can remove scratches.

It is not a myth after all because the constant strength and grit will wear the lenses down. It can even come to a point where its surface and the scratches become even.

However, it is not going to make changes overnight. You have to follow up the process at least twice or more. But, rest assured, you are using the micro-abrasives that are gentle and safe to use.

But, you will get disappointed if you think you can remove the scratches with one application. You have to allot hours just to get over with the tasks. But, you will not get upset with the results.

For the application, you have to use a cotton ball. Then, put the paste on the cotton ball and rub it in a circular motion gently. Perform the process for at least 10 seconds. Then, you have to rinse the baking soda or the toothpaste with cool water.

If you notice any excess materials, then get a dry and soft cloth and wipe the product off. Repeat the whole process if necessary, until the scratches go away.

Putting on Sunscreen 

The method is for glasses with mirror-coated lenses. The process works if the scapes only affect the mirrored part of your lens. So, if they already cut into the whole glass, then you cannot remove them quickly.

You should not utilize a spot treatment with this technique. If you want to put a sunscreen to get rid of the scratches, you have to remove the whole layer of the mirror coating.

So, it may change the look of your lenses, the light transmission, and the view tint of the lenses.

If your glasses do not come with UV protection, then you have to strip down the UV coating. It will put your eyes into different risks.

Here’s the explanation for this: if you expose yourself to sunlight without a proper shield in your eyes, your pupils will reduce in size. So, it will limit the amount of light it lets in.

But, if you have a dark lens, then your pupils can dilate and allow more light. But, if your glasses do not have UV filter, then your students will expand and may take in more harmful UV rays.

Later on, it will increase your risk of developing macular degeneration and cataract.

If you want to put sunscreen on your lenses, here’s you have to do: first, put the product into the scratches for at least 10 seconds, using a cotton ball. Then, apply this using a circular motion.

For the excess, you have to wipe it off with a soft cloth. Lastly, repeat the process if possible.

Utilizing Car Wax 

You can use wax of different types to remove scuffs from your lenses. You can use wax to hide the scrapes in your lenses. In fact, the properties of car wax may be efficient to clear your lenses.

Here are the exact steps you have to follow: first, put the wax on your lenses using a soft cloth. Then, do this in a circular pattern. Wipe off any excess product using another clean cloth.

You may use a few cloth since this may stick to your fabric so quickly. Repeat the whole steps if necessary.

Furniture Spray 

Just like the car wax, the furniture spray will fill in the scratches on your lenses. But, a problem with this technique is that the effect may only be temporary. So, it can last for a few days only.

But, regardless of that, what you need to do is to spray your lenses with furniture spray gently. Do not go crazy on spraying the product.

Then, obtain a lint-free cloth and wipe it around the lenses using a circular motion. That way, you will notice the scratches will disappear slowly. Repeat the process all over again until you do not see visible scrapes anymore.

Using Glass Etching

It is a method you can only apply on plastic lenses with the coating. Thus, you cannot do this for glass lenses. You have to understand that the potent ingredient in these products is hydrofluoric acid. A warning for everyone is that this chemical is highly corrosive.

In fact, it can dissolve the top coat of your plastic lenses. But, you cannot just choose which coating should remain and which one should go. If you put one, then put them all together.

After getting the lenses from the glass frame, you have to place a thick layer of the product on each side of the lens. Then, just dab it using a Q-tip slowly. The material is quite abrasive, so do not ever rub it on your lenses.

You have to apply the glass etching at least two times at a 5-minute interval. After rinsing it off, you will notice that your glasses will look new.


Scratches on your eyeglasses are a real pain in the ass, and it will make it hard for you to use your glasses. In fact, it will be difficult to read or even recognize people without clear lenses.

That’s when this guide becomes so crucial for everyone using glasses. Trust me; the suggested methods above are life-savers. These ways can repair the scratches from your lenses to see well. Plus, your glasses will never be the same again! It will only get clearer, and it will look nicer!

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