How To Breed Betta Fish In 3 Effective Ways Possible

May 14, 2017

When you breed bettas, it is such an excellent hobby. But, it is not a task you should take for granted because it is quite time-consuming.

When you have enough time, knowledge, resources, and commitment in breeding bettas, then you are ready to go. If you do not have the ideas, here are some ways on how to breed betta fish.


How to Setup and Select the Fishes for Breeding

Here’s what you have to do to set up and choose the bettas to breed:

Learning About Bettas as You Can

As you try to breed fishes, it is vital to know about its kind. So, you have to research more about betta breeding and care. There are a lot of books and sites that you can look through. Over 600 eggs may come from one spawn only.

It means that you can end up taking care of over 500 bettas. Also, you may need to determine what you desire to have in the whole experience.

Assemble Your Tanks

When you are attempting to breed, you have to organize what you need for the breeding. You have to set up the tanks correctly. Make sure that you adjust the water in the two tanks before you bring home the bettas.

Get the Right Pair

Betta fishes start to breed young. Thus, you will succeed in breeding if you look for a reliable breeder. That way, you can buy a pair in your local area or online.

If you find the right breeder, they will also give you important ideas about the process. But, make sure that the male and the female fishes are of the same sizes.

Creating the Conditions for Your Breeding

Allow them to Settle In

It is ideal to obtain your fishes several months before you begin breeding them. It will enable them to acclimate to their new environment.

However, you must remember that the male species produce when they reach their 14 months of life or below. You have to plan the process when you can allow enough free time for the breeding.

Assemble Your Breeding Reservoir

Your breeding aquarium should have 5 to 10 gallons and should have an adjustable divider. Moreover, it should come with a modifiable filter and hiding areas. You should set up the heater around 25 degrees Celsius.

Take note that you should never put gravel in the aquarium because the eggs might get lost. Then, fill the reservoir with 5 or 6 inches of water.

Begin Giving Live Bait When You Want to Breed Them

Bloodworms or brine shrimp are the excellent food, but other foods like crickets, worms, and other insects will still do.

It is also perfect to raise them by yourself or buy the live bait from a reliable breeder to prevent dirt, bacteria, and chemicals. If you do not have live food, you may also consider frozen bloodworms and shrimp.

Start Obtaining the Fry Food

Fry are quite small and will only consume live food. Thus, it will require yo a small amount of live food to give the bettas when they are all set. Begin now to make sure that you have enough supply for a few weeks.

Also, microworms are one of the most appropriate foods for them. But, others would also choose vinegar eels and infusoria. You may also choose young brine shrimp as a

Begin Initiating the Pair

As the breeding fishes have already eaten the food for one or two weeks, then introduce the pair. You have to shift the male and female. That way, they can see each other clearly.

You may start putting their tanks near to each other. What you have to do is to let them attract each other before you put them in the same reservoir. It will ensure that you lessen the risk of injury.

Monitor the Behavior of the Pair

You have to observe the bettas to watch if they show interest with each other. If they do, the male may usually swim around as they show off his fins. On the other hand, the female will exhibit her vertical bars. Then, she will move her head down passively.

Aggressive show off will be standard. However, if the bettas try to harass one another, then do not attempt to mix them.

Also, it may be ideal to split them and consider putting them together later on. You may also obtain a different male and female for the breeding.

Breeding the Bettas

Taking Away the Divider

Once the male betta is ready for breeding, he will create a huge bubble nest, which will take at least three days. As this occurs, you have to turn off the filter and put the female in the reservoir. But, make sure that you observe them. The male may probably intimidate her at first.

The courtship stage will take a few days. So, ensure that there a lot of hiding spots for the female betta to get away from the bullying. You have to watch them regularly to avoid harm and injuries.

Allow the Nature to Take Its Place

The male betta will get the female below his bubble nest. Then, the two will begin embracing. It should take several embraces before they produce eggs. Then, the female betta will undergo the zombie phase while the eggs will fall to the ground.

Later on, the male will start to swim down as he scoops the eggs. He will put them in the nest. Other females may provide help in the process once they recuperate. But, some will begin eating their eggs. So, you have to watch out for the eggs.

Let the Female Fish Out of the Tank

Once the eggs are all released, the male betta will bully the female fish once again. So, she will tend to hide.

You have to get her out of the tank slowly. Then, put her in another tank. Put Maroxy in the aquarium to help the fins to heal fast. It is also ideal to clean the reservoir with

Allow the Male Betta to Stay in the Breeding Tank

You have to let the male remain in the aquarium until the fry may start swimming around. Often, this will take around three days. Other breeders will not give food to the male betta during this period.

It will lessen the potential of the male betta from consuming the eggs and fry. On the other hand, some breeders will offer him with a small portion of food per the second day.

If you want to give him food, do not get worried if does not eat directly. However, you have to continue giving him food. Turn the filter off to avoid the current from distressing the fry. However, keep the light source on the whole day.


To breed the betta fish successfully, you must offer the pair the right attention and care on this spawning behavior. Then, you have to understand the whole process and follow all of the simple steps indicated above to ensure success.

No matter if you are a novice or a pro, you have to make sure that the whole experience is both fun and easy.

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