10 Of The Best Plants For Betta Aquariums!

August 5, 2017

Plants are essential for betta tanks, one way or another. Aside from the fact that they make your aquarium look good, they can also benefit your pet fish as well. Specifically, they can make the water more habitable for the betta.

However, you should know that you cannot put any plants in your aquarium. In fact, you need to settle on the best plants for betta tank if you want to make sure that your fish pet will have a comfortable place to live in.

In this article, we will show you the best options you have for betta ornaments. Fortunately, you can easily access these plants in your local stores or online retailers. So what are you waiting for? Read on!


Best Plants for Betta



Our Rating


Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock

Luffy Coco Philippines Java Fern

Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBP20 Betta Plant Philo

Elephant Leaf Betta Plant

Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBP22 Betta Plant Bamboo

Betta Plant Amazon Sword

Betta Plant Red Anubias Leaf

Amazon Evergreen Betta Plant

Marina Betta Kit Plastic Plant

Marina Ecoscaper Lobelia Silk Plant Plant

10 of the Best Plants for Betta

1. Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock

Another option to consider is this fern from the Zoo Med Laboratories. This plastic fern has a natural look which makes it attractive for your betta. Since it is a hammock, you can expect that your fish will love to rest on it.

Moreover, this plant is easy to install and use. It doesn't require maintenance because it is not an organic product.


  • Requires no maintenance
  • Easy to install (comes with a suction cup)
  • Your betta can rest on it
  • Safe for your fish
  • Improves the aesthetics of your aquarium


  • The plastic seems flimsy
  • Some betta tends not to use it

2. Luffy Coco Philippines Java Fern

If you are looking for an excellent plant for your betta fish, then you should put this item from the Marimo Pet Company. Specifically, the Coco Philippines Java Fern is a globally exported product because of its excellent quality.

It has a dark green hue that puts a lively ambiance to your aquarium. Of course, we can guarantee that your betta fish will love this as well! Moreover, it is a natural fern that has a robust structure. Even the liveliest fish can't take it down!


  • Natural Fern
  • Intense green coloration makes it attractive
  • Rooted on a coconut husk
  • Easy maintenance
  • Can grow up to 12 inches


  • It somehow attract snails on commercial fish tanks
  • Slightly smaller than other aquarium ferns

3. Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBP20 Betta Plant Philo

The Betta Plant Philo from Zoo Med is another excellent plant for a betta aquariums. Although it is true that this one is a plastic plant, it is still very natural-looking. In fact, at first, we thought that it is an organic plant!

Furthermore, this amenity can provide a resting and hiding place for your betta. You can also guarantee that the installing this plant to the aquarium is super easy!


  • Requires little maintenance
  • Natural appearance makes it attractive to betta
  • Provides a safe resting place for your fish
  • Highly affordable
  • The leaves' edges are soft


  • It is not for everyone's preference
  • Leaves tend to discolor over time

4. Elephant Leaf Betta Plant

You can instantly upgrade the beauty of your Betta aquarium if you put this Elephant Leaf Betta Plant! Specifically, this one is a blue spotted plant, which somehow lures the attention of betta fish.

It also comes with a rock base so that it can mount it steadily on your aquarium. Since it is easy to install, you can explore which position this plant fits best. In this way, your betta pet will have a fun time on playing around it!


  • Effectively attracts betta fish
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a weighted rock mount
  • ​Immune to discoloration
  • Improves the design of your aquarium


  • Improves the design of your aquarium
  • Quite expensive for its size

5. Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBP22 Betta Plant Bamboo

Are you a fan of bamboo aquarium plants? Then you should get this ornament from the Zoo Med Laboratories. This betta bamboo plant will certainly enhance the looks of your fish tank, regardless of its size.

Just like other products from Zoo Med, this one is plastic but natural-looking ornament. Moreover, its leaves are not soft and do not have sharp edges.


  • Safe for your betta to rest on
  • Impressive natural appearance
  • Can provide a shelter for your betta fish
  • Improves the ambiance of your fish tank
  • Easy to install


  • It susceptible to moving
  • The sharp appearance of the leaves is somehow worrisome

6. Betta Plant Amazon Sword

Of course, it is natural for us to secure the safety of our betta fish. As much as possible, we want to make sure that what we are giving to them would not cause any detrimental effects on their bodies. This concern also applies to the selection of betta plants.

If you want a guaranteed safe choice, then you must consider this plant from Blue Spotted! This leaf hammock is BPA-free and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Therefore, your fish can rest to it comfortably and healthily!


  • It is a comfortable resting spot for your fish
  • Safe and BPA free
  • ​Plastic but natural-looking leaf
  • ​Durable and lightweight
  • ​Simulates the natural environment of betta


  • Prone to algae growth (you need a water filter for this)
  • Leafy but seemingly sparse

7. Betta Plant Red Anubias Leaf

Another betta plant that you shouldn't ignore is this Red Anubias Leaf. It can assure you that your betta will dwell on it because of its attractive and striking colors. The leaves also serve as a large canopy for your fish to have its repose.

Because it has a natural appearance, it is a great addition to home and office aquariums. Moreover, it is small enough to fit nano fish tanks as well!


  • Comes with a weighted mount
  • Betta fish loves it appearance
  • ​It can provide shelter to your betta
  • ​Leaves are not edgy and sharp
  • It is a beautiful decoration


  • The leaves are fewer than you might expect it
  • It is small (not ideal for big tanks)

8. Amazon Evergreen Betta Plant

The Amazon Evergreen Betta Plant is an excellent choice for an aquarium ornament. It comes with a weighted rock so that you can place it securely in your fish tank.

Moreover, it doesn't have sharp edges, making it safe for your fish to play around. Specifically, this plant is plastic. Therefore, it requires less maintenance. Your betta fish won't be able to destroy it, too!


  • Works as a betta hammock or bed
  • Easy to mount on any aquarium
  • Doesn't contain any harmful chemicals
  • ​Highly affordable
  • The leaves are durable


  • It is a small aquarium ornament
  • The plastic construction is not for everyone's preference

9. Marina Betta Kit Plastic Plant

The Marina Betta Kit is a splendid addition to any betta fish tank. Aside from being non-toxic, it also provides a calming ambiance to your aquarium.

Moreover, you can easy install it because of its super sticky suction mount. Since the leaves of this plant are thin, your betta should be able to play and have fun around it!


  • Highly safe (non-toxic; doesn't have edges)
  • Provides an excellent ambiance to your aquarium
  • ​Ideal for small aquariums
  • ​Ideal for small aquariums
  • ​Highly affordable


  • Does not provide a resting place for your fish
  • The plastic leaves seem flimsy

10. Marina Ecoscaper Lobelia Silk Plant Plant

The Ecoscaper Lobelia from Marina is another betta plant that you might want to consider. It has a beautiful appearance that can imbibe a good atmosphere to your aquarium. Of course, your betta fish will love to have it.

After all, its broad leaves are an excellent resting place for them! Moreover, there are no jagged parts on this plant. Therefore, your pet fish can squirm around safely! Also, it sits entirely in one place, thanks to its weighted amount.


  • The leaves provides a spacious resting spot for your betta fish
  • Made from durable plastic material
  • Leafy and natural-looking
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Requires no maintenance


  • Not ideal for small and compact fish tanks
  • Needs additional support for it to remain unmovable

Betta Plant Buying Guide

We all know that a betta fish is a picky creature. It is somehow sensitive to its surroundings. In fact, it is not compatible to live with other fish. That's why hobbyists tend to isolate them on a separate tank.

Because of its finicky nature, the betta requires special care and attention. Even to the plants and decorations that you will put, you still have to be keen and careful. Otherwise, it would cause stress to the fish.

There are different options when it comes a betta plant. Therefore, it is essential to test each of them and see which can make your fish comfortable.

Meanwhile, here are the types of aquarium plants that you can install on a betta aquarium:

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Plastic plants are the most common option, considering that they are widely available.

Although it is true that they do not generate oxygen at all, plastic plants have still benefits. First, they require less maintenance. Second, they don't need cleaning because they don't produce anything.

But before you choose a plastic plant, make sure that it is safe. After all, we are talking about plastics here. Specifically, you have to be careful about BPAs and toxic contents.

Furthermore, check if the leaves of the plant are sharp or not. If it is pointed and edgy, then it could potentially harm your beloved pet.


Natural plants are as common as plastic ornaments. They come in different varieties which makes them a versatile choice. Some of the plants can work for a particular fish species and will suck with the rest.

If you are planning to use natural plants on your betta tanks, we recommend Anarchist, Java Fern, and Amazon Sword Plant. You could also use Hornwort and Hygrophila as well.

When you choose live plants, you have to consider that they require constant care. Otherwise, they would die immediately. Also, you have to take in mind that they grow.

Over time, they might outgrow the size of our tank. If the plant already ate the space of your aquarium, then you have to remove it already.


Silk is almost the same as plastic plants. They have a hassle-free installation and require less maintenance. Moreover, most of the commercial silk plants have a striking appearance, making them more attractive to your betta.

One of the biggest differences between plastic and silk is their softness. Specifically, silk is softer and can produce realistic plant movements. They don't have sharp or jagged parts as well, which makes them safer than plastic.

These are some of the considerations that you have to take before choosing a betta plant.

Aside from the tank, lighting, and other filtration systems, you need to be wary on the ornaments as well. If not, your pet fish won't have a comfortable place to swim!

Final Verdict

Regardless of your choice, you have to consider that these plants aren't mere decorations. They are an essential component for your betta to have fun and rest.

After all, betta fish are quite energetic. If you don't let them play, they will get bored and irritated. Later, the stress could lead to some detrimental health problems.

Among the ornaments we featured, we highly recommend the Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock and the Luffy Coco Philippines Java Fern  as the best plants for betta fish.

Aside from their good qualities, they can serve as playground and resting spot for your fish at the same time! Since they are easy to install, having them is truly a convenience.

Did you learn from this article? What are your thoughts about these betta plants? Tell us your answers in the comment section below!

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