7 Steps You Should Know On How To Catch Grass Carp

October 31, 2017

Most anglers desire to catch grass carp for a lot of reasons. One of them is that the carp can help control extreme aquatic vegetation. The next reason is that this fish is challenging to catch. So, if your goal is to achieve one of the most fulfilling fishing experiences, then you should consider fishing grass carp.

However, you must remember that this fish is not so easy to catch using a pole and line. It is very resistant and careful. Plus, it prefers feeding in an undisturbed environment. This kind of fish also puts up a fight, so you will struggle once you hook it. So, you will require precision and the right techniques when you decide to fish for grass carp.

Luckily, we have up together the most efficient steps and tips on how to catch grass carp. Read on to find out more.


Overview of a Grass Carp

Amur or grass carp may belong to the species of Asian minnow. It may be at least 4 feet tall and can weigh at least 100 pounds. It is such an omnipresent fish that it can control the excess growth of vegetation in the lakes, ponds, and rivers.

You can look for grass carps along the lakes, ponds, riverbanks, and shorelines. You may determine carps because they make big splashes as you start to approach the water.

Fishing carps are also popular in the U.S. However; they are also well-known in the British Isles and Europe. In fact, in these areas, anglers often prefer catching carps because they are challenging to fish.

They are sleek-looking species that are exciting to fish because they will fight when you find them using a hook.

Factors to Consider Before Fishing Grass Carps

Here’s a list of things you have to consider and do before you catch grass carps:

- Looking for the Right Location

You can observe these fishes in private ponds and lakes. That way, they can control the vegetation in these waters. You may ask the landowners if they will allow you to fish in the area. Some of these properties are open for fishing to control the population of the grass carps.

- Obtain the Ideal Tackle

Grass carps are big and vigorous. So, you need to have the perfect tackle when your goal is to catch them. A huge 2/0 or 1/0 hook, which weighs 20 pounds, is the best choice. Then, get a medium-sized, open-face reel and spinning rod is an excellent option for most anglers.

- Being Cautious

Grass carps are shy and withdrawn creatures that want to be isolated while feeding. In most cases, noises and movements can startle them quickly. So, you should minimise your activity and noise level when you want to catch them. Once they are frightened, they swim into the deeper parts of the water.

- Baiting the Zones

Once you have selected an area to go fishing, you may start setting the hook. You may want to get some canned corn. Then, throw some pieces into the different zones of the water. You may also obtain a soaked seed corn. Remember that you have to bait the area before you go fishing.

- Selecting Baits

Choosing the bait is such a crucial task to do when you want to catch grass carps. They are mainly herbivores, so they may usually feed on vegetations. The simplest baits you have to consider are the bread dough and corn. They will work well when you want to fish on zones that use corn as baits.

Feed corn may be cheaper than the canned corn. However, the corn would sink into the water quickly. Plus, it can ferment for a few days. But, you can also use lima beans, watermelon, worms, green beans, cut grass, and cherry tomatoes as baits for grass carps.

Fishing Methods and Techniques for Grass Carps

Carps are one of the most sensitive species out there. So, you can easily distract them with movements and vibrations. So, here is the list of steps and tips to follow when catching grass carp:

- Step #1: Getting the Medium Heavy Rod

It should be at least 7 feet in length. Then, set the rod with a 20-pound fishing line and reel. Make sure that you prepare all of the things you need before you start the next step. Do not underestimate the grass carps because they will fight to escape on your hook.

- Step #2: Tie the Knot and Circle It to Grab the Bait

It is the time when you need to catch the tie into the edge of the line. You need to follow a circular hook because it can fit the grass carp’s mouth while the line is drawing the hook’s eye.

- Step #3: Put the Bait on the Hook

You may use any of the suggested baits above. But, you need to make sure that you cut the bait before putting it on the hook’s point entirely. The grass carps will gulp the bait first before they can recognise the hook and shift away from the hook.

- Step #4: Chum the Fishing Zone with Your Preferred Bait

You may try the mixture of canned corn and cut grass. Then, spread them into clusters through the area for at least an hour before you go fishing. Let the bat settle into the water’s surface and observe for carps swimming towards the fishing zone.

- Step #5: Approach the Corners of the Fishing Area Carefully

Make sure that you reach the right distance so that you can assemble the hook into the water. Then, set the baited hook and suspend it under the water.

- Step #6: Make the Line Stable

You should place your finger on the line as you try to feel the carp consuming the bait. Let it eat the bait before you position the hook and raise the edge of the fishing rod. The hook will assemble itself while you haul the tip of the rod.

- Step #7: Loosen Up the Haul upon the Reel

You should relax the haul because carps can suddenly escape when you try to catch them. Move as fast as you can and do not stress out the fish, so you can still release it later on.

Other Methods to Catch Grass Carps

Catching grass carps can be done through archery. However, they tend to become more obscure when you hunt them. A lot of anglers prefer keeping their catch alive, so they can still release them back into the water afterwards.

Final Thought

Thankfully, you just learned the basic steps and tips on catching grass carp. With ideal finesse, the grass carps will let go of the bait that shows a little resistance. So, you need to allow the line to slack slightly.

You need to remember that grass carps are excellent fighters and you should expect that they will resist. Also, you need to take note that a grass carp is such a big fish. Thus, you need to consider the steps included above.

Do not worry about the excitement and thrill while you fish for your grass carp to make the experience more rewarding.

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