How To Care For Betta Fish Using These 5 Ways

April 12, 2017

Betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, is a popular pet known for their aggressiveness. Furthermore, it is famous for its affordability, maintenance, and interactivity.

Betta fish can also serve as your best friend for at least four years. But, to make sure that your new buddy stays healthy, you need to follow these steps on how to care for betta fish.


Ways to Care for Your Betta Fish

Here are some steps to follow to keep your betta fish healthy:

Learn More About Your Betta Fish

Be Aware of the Kind of Fish Before You Purchase One

You need to take note that this fish lifespan can reach up to 10 years when you handle it thoroughly. So, before you buy one, you need to do your research. The least size of the tank for this fish is 2 and a half gallons with filter and heater.

You need to remember that you should not keep the betta fish in a plastic container or a bowl. It is bad for their health because it is minuscule.

Do Some Background Check of the Fish

Before you get one, there are so many things you need to know about the betta fish. In general, you may need to determine the vital details of the betta fish.

You may also ask questions and look at some the reviews on different online sites to have some information about this fish. The sites will also be very useful after your purchase, especially if you want to maintain some notes about the nutrition and health of betta fish.

Prepare the House of the Betta Fish

You Need to Prepare Its Home

Firstly, you have to set up the house of the betta before bringing it home as your pet. It will avoid any mishaps. Moreover, you should not put the male betta fish with another male species.

However, females can survive well only if they can adapt well. You also need to have a tank size of 20 gallons of five or more bettas. But, 10 gallons can also suffice.

If you want to buy another kind of fish with your betta, select fishes that do not have long fins. Also, find one that is approximately the same size as this fish. A larger fish will eat this type of fish.

Also, the betta may eat a fish smaller than this species. An excellent suggestion for tank buddies is White Cloud Mountain Minnows and Red Cherry Shrimp.

Pick a Suitable Home

In the open areas, bettas live in rice paddies. Hence, they fit well in places quite shallow. But, they should be spacious enough.

To meet the need for space, you need to consider giving your fish the right size of tank to lengthen their lifespan. You need to choose a tank at least 5 gallons or more for your fish to develop and grow.

Add Any Other Essential Equipment

You need to have different items to keep your betta fish thriving. You need to buy a heater that comes with a thermostat. Betta fish lives in temperatures having 24 to 27 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, you need to get filters to make sure that the current is neutral for the betta. Make sure that the long-finned fishes live longer with a small amount of current. A lot of experts also recommend sponge filters to shield the fins of the betta.

Prevent jagged decorations and rocks. These decors will tear the betta fish fins. Professionals suggest that you check the fins of the fish once daily. Also, you may place some live plants in the tank. These plants will help oxygenate the water.

Then, it will keep the water in the tank clean enough for long periods. It will absorb the remaining ammonia, which is harmful to your betta.

Fill Your Tank With Water

You Have to Prepare the Water in the Tank

You have to put a water conditioner before filling the tank with fresh tap water. The chloramines and chlorine in the tap water may be fatal to bettas. Also, it will tend to get rid of the essential bacteria located in the filter.

Aged water decreases or removes chlorine in the water. But, it does not get rid of heavy metals and chloramines. You may also need to have a freshwater test kit to make sure that your tank is completely clean.

Fill the Tank With Water

If the betta's tank does not have any cover, fill it with around 80 percent high to make sure that your betta will not leap out. These kinds of fish are active and may jump up to 7.5 centimeters.

Place Your Betta to Its New Home

Add Your Betta Fish to the Tank

You need to make sure that you carefully put tank water into a bowl or any container which will receive your betta. Mix the old and new water to make it easier for your fish to adapt.

If the habit of the betta is warmer or cooler than the initial water, combining the water will avoid shocking the fish. Then, tip the cup into the new tank. However, try to place a little water as you can from the container to the new aquarium.

Feeding the Betta Fish

Select the Proper Diet for Your Fish

These fishes are carnivores. So, their nutrition needs should compose of pellets and other carnivorous foods. Also, you may consider some frozen bloodworms and brine shrimps.

Feed Your Betta Fish Daily

Bettas may differ in their eating habits. So, you have to experiment to see the amount of food your fish eats. You need to set up a routine for feeding. You can provide food for them in the morning and at night.


After following the tips and steps suggested above, you may have some fun with your new friend now. They can recognize the face of their owner.

You can also keep your betta fish company, so they know who you are! You see, bettas are not as hard to care for as you think! All they need is a clean tank and proper nutrition to thrive!

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