What Is The Best Time To Go Fishing?

November 11, 2016

When it comes to fishing, you can have the right equipment, the best fishing spots, but if not done at the ideal time and circumstances, chances are, you might be leaving the fishing grounds empty handed. Every fisher has their favorite fishing hours and through experience, has learned a thing or two about the most advantageous time for a catch.

Let me walk you through the most quintessential fishing time and how to cope with bad conditions. Maximize your chances at getting that big catch by learning about the ideal fishing time, according to season and weather conditions.


Best Fishing Time in Consonance with the Season


There are three stages in fishing during the spring season: pre-spawn, spawning, and post-spawn. Different stages mean differences in fishing habitats. The rise in temperature equates to an equal rise in the fish metabolism, which requires them to look for more food to survive.

  • Early Morning

The shortage of bugs on spring mornings makes fishes look for more food as they don't get that much in their natural habitat. This is your cue to throw in large baits and catch them.

  • Late Morning - Early Afternoon

The sun's rays the overall fishing environment at it penetrates the water. At this time of the day, fishes are biting on and off. Fishing along the downwind shoreline is the most ideal.

  • Afternoon- Early Evening

Digestion and metabolism of the fishes are at their highest levels, having the fishes eat in large portions.


With the right time, summer is the best season for fishing. They tend to go down deep when the heat on the surface of the water is insurmountable during midday. The warmth of the water stretches up to a depth of 10ft.

  • Early Morning

An excellent time to go fishing in the summer is from before the sun is up until before mid-morning. Since the water on the surface isn't that warm, fishes tend to linger at the periphery. Although this might be the case, finding fishes that are starving could be quite a challenge since a plethora of food is available during the summer.

  • Late Morning - Early Afternoon

Fishes go to the deeper bounds of the water to protect themselves from the sun's heat on the surface, making it hard to catch them at this specific time in the summer.

  • Afternoon- Early Evening

During this time, fishes tend to rise from the bottom as the water on the surface cools down, making it another exceptional time to go fishing during the summer.


Fall isn't the most suitable season for fishing, but at the right time, it could just be as satisfying. During the fall season, the temperature starts to drop down and water becomes a lot cooler and dense.

Water on the surface moves as the wind carries warm water in several directions. But with the infiltrating of materials, water tend to be more consistent making the temperature and oxygen, making the environment appropriate to let fishes move deliberately.

  • Early Morning

Early morning isn't an ideal fishing time during the fall season. There is an ample amount of sunlight present at this time of the day, making the water remain cool.

  • Late Morning - Early Afternoon

The water is generally cool during the fall season, making the fish search for warmer grounds. Stay in areas where sunlight strikes as the fishes bite on and off in shallow, warm waters.

  • Afternoon- Early Evening

The sun has been up for several hours and the water gets more pleasant on the periphery, making it an exemplary time to go fishing during the fall.


Due to an extreme cold weather condition, it is not ideal to fish during the winter. Ice fishing is the only viable option during the winter.

During the coldest days of winter, fishes linger at the deepest portions of the water. Fishes, being cold-blooded animals become inactive during this season, that's why most people take a break from fishing at this time of the year.

Taking the Weather into Account

  • Cloudy Days

The absence of sunlight penetration during cloudy days boost the fishing conditions. On cloudy days, fishes tend to get scattered all throughout the water. Overcast skies signal the fishes to move away from covered shades, making them search aggressively for food unlike that of during sunny days when they tend to stay close to the edges.

  • Light Rain

Fishing during a light rain is also ideal, particularly during a summer rain or warm spring rain. The rain shatters the surface view of the fishes, helping you hide naturally especially in doing boat, wade or shore fishing.

  • Heavy Rain

Hard rain tends to obscure the water, making it not a very good condition for fishing since the fishes find it challenging to find bait. Also, the rise in water from the rivers creates a surge in the flow of water, compel fishes to veer away from a stable position, making them hard to catch.

  • Wind

The wind plays a significant role in achieving a favorable outcome when fishing. The wind can thrust surface food as it carries the water to the distant shores. Success in such condition lies in the execution. During windy days, be certain that your lure maneuvers in the same direction as the wind. This way, your bait's moves along the water and other surface food, signaling the fishes to move in the direction where most of the water force and food is situated.

There are numerous factors that affect fishing success. While it is important to know when is most ideal time depending on the season as well the weather conditions, it is essential to get yourself out there and keep the bait in the water. There is no use of knowing the best fishing time if you don't get yourself out there.

While it is important to have the directions guide you, the key factor in having the most wonderful time fishing is to love the outdoors and have fun!

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